Standard insulation foam

I have a vague memory of someone here shaping a board with foam from a hardware store - baically glueing the sheets together then shaping a board from it -

ring any bells?

sounds really dodgy to me. “gamma” foam (local hardware store chain) is only EPS60 standard and big loose beads, maybe you could get away with compsand’ing it but handlayup would be nasty, just shaping it with sandpaper (surform and planer would give you fake snow, no blank) would be painstaking work. I recently tried to make a mini surfboard for a buddy as a decorative thing but it was a pain to get in any shape. then again, if you could get panels in a higher density like EPS150 or EPS200 it should be doable. Gluelines will interfere with all cutting and sanding though…

I did a board with glued up foam and it was a pain to hotwire and shape…

Thats what I’m doing and there are loads other on here doing the same! If I’m lucky I can get a pice of foam big enough to do a whole board but usually I have to glue them together… There is loads of stuff in the archives of that sort.

Glued up and hotwireing the template

Glueing up the stringer


Surfer Dave; what foam would you use then? I have done a board with S60 and one with S80 but that’s as high as I have been… I haven’t tried anything else so I don’t find it too bad, but hey what do I know!?

Hope that helps…


thats what i’ve been using for my first board. home depot EPS

I suspect you’re talking about how I introduced myself to Swaylocks - a thread called “$14 Blank” from July of '04

Actually, I started with epoxy questions:

but got asked about the blank because of that thread & had to start one on the blank.

Funny to see some names in there giving help who then went MIA for a while - not just Bert, but Wells also. Welcome back, friends, I’ve missed you.


Benny, thats freaky - in another dimension we are the same person

Yeah, I thought that’s what you were looking for, my friend.

I always feel a little guilty about that thread - I remember a post a while later where someone mentioned the $14 Blank and someone else said, “yeah, the thread that inspired a thousand shitty boards.” Yep - guilty as charged :wink:


I recognize something about your pictures…

sorta like…

This particular one was offcuts and packaging foam…

But I now order EPS200 from a foam blower and also use Atuacores custom cut EPS blanks.

ben i still use hardware foam for all my compsands

who wants big blocks of foam taking up space

great boards can be made form it

if boards are shitty its not the foams fault

have a look how Oneula glue in the rocker

perfect everytime

go stringerless

and use 3 by 6 deck 2 by 6 bottom

it will be good