stickers and clear gloss?

if someone wanted to put a sticker on a board could you spray clear gloss over it so it wont get weird and fall off in the water?

that clear acryllic spray is great stuff, but it really only sticks to roughed up surfaces. over a sticker, i doubt it would hold very well. you could do it to seal up the sticker, but you’d probably have to reapply every session or two (although given that a can costs $0.94, it’s hardly a wallet breaker…just a pain in the arse)

stickers have to be made of vinyl (?) sheet to stick, if they’re paper they’ll waterlog and disintegrate.

Vinyl stickers last practically forever, but suggest you round off any sharp corners, and you gotta lay 'em on without wrinkles.

Paper stickers, well, you can stick 'em on, then spray clear on which will penetrate and make them last a little while, but generally they should be stuck onto something that won’t get wet. You could also rub wax into 'em on a hot day in an attempt to waterproof the paper.

ive had a can of krylon clear coat sitting around so i was just wondering if it would worked on something else for another project but that was with wood.

the stickers are vinyl there not the thin paper kind i’ll try it and than if the coating comes off than i’ll try the wax thanks guys