stiff environmentally friendly fin material

so heres my goal guys. a 6’10" stubby hull but hollow wood and no fiberglass. i figure the frame and rails will be pine and the deck will be oak. i do faux finishing for work so my boss will be able to help me seal it and everything. the only draw back i am facing now is that i dont know what to use for a fin.

i am thinking it will be a 9" single fin and what i will do is i will bolt it into the frame below the skin so it has a solid base to flex off of. what i would prefer is some sort of sheet material that is fairly stiff and strong and can be ground out pretty easily for the foil.

You can get sheets of G-10, it is stiffer/stronger than polyester based fiberglass, and made of epoxy and glass. Grinds as easily as fiberglass, more or less.

I’d still put 2 or 4 ounces of glass around the wood if I were you…