Still cleaning out the shop...more blanks to sell

Still cleaing out the shop and have a few more blanks to sell off…

Surfblanks America–

6’4"SBM(green)–5 $50

6’8"BBM(green)–2 $55

6’2"Fish(blue)–5 $58

6’8"Fish–(blue)3 $65

Blanks are all first quality. Great blanks. Strong and light.

The rockers are just a bit off from what I’m using.

EPS–Austin Foam Cores

TS 6-4(my foil, similar to the 6’4"R) $55

R6-9(Rusty 6-9 foil) $59

SK6-2Fish(Stu Kenson foil) $57

SK 10-1(Stu Kenson longboard foil) $110

Also still available is the 10’ x 3.5’ 6mm Black PVC Foam sheet–good materail for stringers.–$50

My shop is located in beautiful Westminster, CA(Inland HB)

Call, e-mail, or drop by.

Tim Stamps

Stamps Surfboards


wow…if only i had a resource like THAT in my backyard.

i really need to move out west…

Still have all the blanks listed…Anybody making boards out there?


Herb Here,I just might pick-up a couple from you.

And yeah,I’m making boards again…re-vamped my shop and got rid of the classic junk I don’t need.

I’ll email/pm you.Herb