Stingray & The Perfect Fin Setup



I’ve found the perfect fin setup for the blue board. At first I tried a 7.5" Rainbow with a long rake but it was too sluggish coming out of turns and wouldn’t give the drive down the line that I need when pumping the tail. So I switched it with a 7" Yater that has less rake and a better foil. With the Probox glass side fins (provided by Durbs) and BINGO!!! The perfect combo. The waves this morning were classic CA A-frames. Waist to chest high and moderate offshores with the occaisonal hollow section. The second I was on my feet the board came alive. Driving down the line, carve off the top into a swooping bottom turn…build more speed out onto the shoulder and then lean over on the rail for cutback rebound off the whitewater.  Yeah Baby! This board is officially my new daily driver. Thank you sooooooo much.


Fin Pics:

Yater fin w/Probox glass sides

that's a sweet board for sure, you're lucky to have it in your posession...

it almost came up missing

Why are there always perfect A frames when I’m working?

Let us see these boards of which you speak …


Sweet SrPato!  Glad youre stoked on the fins.  I got the classic A-frame waves monday morning… it was nice :)   Unfortunately I went in to work early today, but that has its own rewards too I guess.  Color combo looks great with the board and two different colored fins.  Im gonna try to get up to ventucky to surf with you soon.


Sr Pato ,

Thanks for the ego boost! It's been a tuff year. I can't count the number of times life has beat me down over the last 12 months. I finally quit the second job and I'm ready to take the bull by the horns! The larger version of your new board has been shaped and is waiting for glassing. Same sexy outline and curvy rails only 3 feet longer. Mark Scott has already staked a claim on her.

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Hey Durbs,


Sounds good! If you can, let me know a couple of days ahead of time and I’ll take some time off from work. Have a surf then hit the taqueria on the Ave.



better foil says it all

Here's a link with photos

Ray, How did you like the Bio-Foam.  I have hacked two boards out of it and I like it.  However, I have nothing to compare it too.

It’s funny - I almost talked myself into trying to buy that board when it was listed in the Classified section of the other forum.  I like most everything (that I can see) about that board.  I’m glad to see you found a fin setup to suit it.  

next time we can see a decent NW pulse coming a few days ahead I'll take a morning off too.  Should be a good time.  Maybe I can convince Tyler to schedule some "meetings" for that morning so he can come along too.

Sounds good to me!

After this morning’s session, I feel I owe Ray a debt of gratitude. This board rocks!  It’s a freakin’ wave magnet. Late take-offs increase the wave count and help keep me warm in those cold, post dawn offshores. It has the uncanny ability to stick to the face of fast pitching waves and build speed with the slightest pump. You’ve definitely got something going with the secret sauce in those rails.

Thanks again Ray, and if there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.


P.S. Howz Mark’s 9 footer going?



hey Ray,

what are the measurements for this board? i couldn't find it in the archives.

care to share? nose, tail, etc? thanks in advance.

Damn!  I’d like to think I couldve spotted the potential in that board from the bitchin pics and the bitchin fin pic, but with a review like that to go with, that is makes me want

**Year Built: **

**Dimensions: **
6’3" x 21 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Shaper: **

**Manufacturer: **
Swayloholics Anonymous

**Location: **
San Marcos Ca

BioFoam / Resin Research / ProBox

Working on
the Short-Longboard concept. First time BioFoam. First time Epoxy
Pigment. First time Epoxy cut lap. Soft rails. Worked my way through
several problems…

You guys are funny

............"One man's trash is another man's Stash"...............

The fin set up on my 6' 5" disc looks just like Marc's set up on the Bio Foam egg



You guys are funny

............"One man's trash is another man's Stash"...............

The fin set up on my 6' 5" disc looks just like Marc's set up on the Bio Foam egg




The above pictured setup is EXACTLY what I was building at Surf Systems in 1971, using the removable sides I developed.   I'll try to find a photo of the setup and send it to you.   The fin system was used by Weber, Bing, Hobie, Surf Systems, Surfboards Hawaii, G&S, and others, in the mid 1970's.   The ''box'' for the sides, was molded into the board at the hotcoat stage, prior to sanding, using a polypropylene tool.  The fin was held in by friction, and a mechanical undercut at the front of the fin.    No screws were used, or were necessary.

thanks Janklow,

i saw this board in person at the Big Sur thing this year.

board looks great in person.