Stolen Andreini Hull!

from SF Bay Craigslist today- stop flex fin piracy before it stops you!

A 6’ 6" purple, Andreini, single fin, “vaquero” (kind of like an egg shape) was stolen from the back of a pick up truck yesterday- tues’ 2/5/08 afternoon.

Please return to Mollusk surfshop 415 564 6300 - 46th/Irving. This board belongs to our friend Kyle. Thanks

SHIIIT!!! that sucks ass…i hope you don’t mean Kyle “Little Wings” Field

either way that blows -just pure sh*t - best of luck getting that thing back - any pics of it might help locate it

Be sure to check Craigslist to see if someone is trying to sell it off. I’ll keep my eyes open around town (I live in SC). Hope you get it back. Sounds like a killer board.

Tim <><

Since you found the post on Craigslist, I guess you’re looking on Craigslist. Maybe I’ll read the whole post next time.

Too crappy, I really hope it turns up. Maybe the board’s color will make it easy to spot.

*I had a major case of deja vu when I read this thread’s tagline because my puplish-colored Andreini Vaquero was stolen at Malibu a few years back.

We posted fliers at surf shops all over trying to get it back, but no dice. For months I waited, but eventually moved on and nearly forgot the damn thing.

During one session at Malibu the next summer, I paddled out and noticed a guy riding a board uncannily familiar to my long-lost Vaquero. The board is a pink-purple magenta–one of a kind for sure. I wasn’t certain at first, but as the suspect streaked past me on a set, I got a closer look and got a postive ID on MY BOARD.

My blood instantly started to boil. I thought to myself: could this bloke be dumb enough to surf on hot property at the scene of the crime? I first considered waiting to confront him on the beach once he got out. After thinking about it for a second, I realized that a crowd of witnesses would be my greatest ally. So I paddled up to the guy and asked him where he got his board. He told me that it was his son’s board and that he had bought it new many years ago (keep in mind that the board was well-used and battle scarred at the time it was stolen). I called bullshit. He started giving me attitude and I calmly proceeded to describe every characteristic mark, scratch, and hideous ding repair on the board. I mentioned a spray-paint stencil piece on the bottom, but the perpetrator had sanded it off–how clever. Only a psychic would have known more about this surfboard. Some friends and onlookers in the lineup quickly backed me up and the suspect eventually agreed to return the board. We caught a set wave in together and before long my 7’2 magenta Vaquero and I were reuinted. Elizabeth Smart never saw as happy a homecoming.

I held my precious Vaquero as she bled from the dozen or so festering wounds on her nose, tail, and rails. The joy of discovering a long-lost treasure was suddenly marred by this pitiful sight. It looked as if she had been surfed leashless down Mt. Doom. However, after weeks of intensive care and plastic surgery, my baby was brought back to life.

No further action was taken against the perpetrator. I don’t know what his name is, nor do I care. He is a regular in the First Point lineup (where he rides yet another Andreini Vaquero–apparently during the kidnapping, said perp. developed an affinity for his hostage and either stole somebody else’s board or manned up and bought one for himself), and to this day he will not make eye contact with me.

DUUUDE! cool story

F that guy - how low can you go? can you imagine the warm shot of adrenaline he got after you called him out? i bet he pissed in his suit there and then

what a little bitch - especially because he treated it like dung

in my distant past i was a farmer- a real, big truck driving, boot and cowboy hat wearing, sun scorched creature. we had about 120 acres of mixed vegetable and at the end of the workday i would look pretty muddy, dusty and worn. i was checking it on the way home from the farm and i saw a young man carrying my business partner’s stolen yellow haut down westcliff. i pulled over, pulled my baseball bat from behind the drivers seat, puffed up bigger as best as i could, deepened my voice and yelled at the kid- “either the police are coming to sort this out or that board is going in the back this here truck but there ain’t a third option”. i must have been quite a sight- scary or silly. the kid almost burst into tears and was in the process of trying to explain himself when the police arrived- one of the westcliff neighbors did not like the looks of things and called 911. the cop surfed, knew me, knew the board and did not know the kid. my partner had reported the board as stolen and so i didn’t even have to go downtown to collect the board. they took the kid in but never pursued his case. i would see him from time to time in the water, i managed to learn his name and was ceaselessly ridiculously over-friendly to him using his name in every sentence. “that was a good wave Jim, you have fun Jim?” i even introduced him to the haut owner. he would paddle away if i paddled out and one day stopped showing up.

the moral is- report stolen goods to the police. if you don’t report them stolen you have no recourse but the baseball bat.

re: filing a police report.

Years ago I sprayed a board- of mine- and went a little crazy with it. I did some over-layers to pull it together, and when it was laminated the under-layers crept back up to the surface.

It was hideous, and promptly dubbed “The Gished Lizard”.

Chivalrously, I gave it to my then-girlfriend. Shortly after that, it was stolen (while in a board-sock) from the back of my truck. “Oh well,” I thought, “I pity the poor fool who unwraps that thing”.

Flash-forward ten or fifteen years to a yard sale in Montecito, and there’s the Gished Lizard!- in very good condition, I might add. I made some very non-pointed inquiries, and realized that the guys selling the board were completely innocent. Their story was plausible, and I never mentioned anything, and, besides, I had never filed a police report, so I had no recourse. About 5 years after that I saw the board at Clyde Beatty’s shop, getting repaired, and decided that it was some sort of object lesson to FILE A REPORT!

10/10 for the Elizabeth Smart analogy…lulz

oh, emmanuel…

Howzit Dutchy, Now that would be funny, the guy who stole the board trying to sell it on the same website it's been posted as stolen. The guy would have to be a total idiot.Aloha,Kokua