Stomp Pads - How are they $40+?

I use stomp pads on my short boards, and they help. What I can’t understand is how in the hell do these things cost 40 bucks a pop? Am I mistaken to believe that some foam and sticky tack should cost less? I’m thinking these things should cost $15. Anyone know if there’s a valid reason they’re this expensive, other than greed?

$15 sounds fair…

The biggest reason is…That is a price everyone seems willing to pay. Others might include; shipping of raw materials, permits (if they are manufactured in the US), labor, taxes, shipping, packageing, marketing, sales, copyrights, patents, pay for team surfer(s). Then you have the shop’s mark up to cover taxes, rent, payroll, health insurance (yeah right), workman’s comp, licenses, etc. Lotsa little grubby hands reaching into each other’s pocket for their little piece of the profit pie.

You have an alternative…its called WAX.

well if you sell surfboards in a retail store the mark up is like 10% so what do you think it is free to operate a store? Overhead is pretty high for most. employees, electricity, rent, business license fees, workman comp , commercial insurance, bookeepers, taxes, then you have to pay yourself for working 360 days a year to hear about how good the surf was while you minding the store. do you complain when you buy a burger that cost .75 cents to make and they charge you 5.00 bucks for it and then buy a fountain soda that cost .15 cents to make , then sell it for 1.75? Things are no longer cheap and getting more expensive everyday. RESIN JUST WENT UP .20 CENTS IN PAST 2 WEEKS THAT IS A$100.00 MORE PER DRUM AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT THAT INCREASE?? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AS I ATE THE LAST 2 INCREASES

What they said… plus, you’re talking about a really small market size… 2-3 million surfers total in the US, minus the lot of us that don’t use traction pads… equals not a ton of customers.

The plastics, and adhesives take R&D and are bought in what probably amounts to not giant quantities in the industries that normally purchase them…

On top of that, divide by the number of companies trying to get a piece of the action. It doesn’t make sense for them to cut the price, because we’ve shown them with we’ll pay 60 bucks for a pair of board shorts Slater’s worn. They’re just taking direction from the people who buy their products and marketing with names instead of value.

If it really helps, and it lasts about as long as your board (they do, right?)… then how is 40$ that bad a deal? It’s still the cheapest sport I’ve ever participated in. That said… maybe it wouldn’t be terrible if it got more expensive. Think about how much nicer the lineups would be if boards were 10,000$…

I would pay ten grand for a board that would greatly improve my surfing and give me an empty lineup! OK, maybe only five…


You know the old saying,“Why didn’t I think of that? I’d be a millionaire now if I had…”

Well, now’s your chance. You do the work and get a $15 pad out there…maybe,$$$, huh?

As far as I care, as long as the shops can make the majority of their money off the accourterments of surfing and not by trying to make their profit off boards, though I rarely buy, it’s fine with me.

Otherwise, read what has been said in response to your post. It all is the real deal.

And, PLEASE, don’t start a post here,“How do I make my own stomp pad?”. Thanks.


You can get good ones here in Hawaii for $26 to $32. $40 bucks is high. I use them all the time and I go thru a lot of boards so I been shopping at certain stores for them and pay less than 30 bucks… That e-bay thing is the deal!

you might want to do a search on “poorboy” traction pads, they aren’t that much.

I bought these:

Stomp Pads

-from the same people but slightly cheaper. With shipping, came close to $20.00

not bad. I like plain traction pads anyways. Oh, shipping was quick too.

-If you want to make some, based on the archives yoga mats should work.



What I can’t get is that people still use them???

What a lot of drag they create,especially on shorter/thinner boards.

I would love to give out tail pads to my competitors in a surf contest as a gift.

It’s been said in different ways by notables such as Barnum and Fields, but here’s another: there’s an ass for every seat and a seat for every ass. Relating, of course, not to just stomp pads, but to anything, everything that’s touted as the latest, greatest, new and improved.

If it has utility buy it, it might even be worth it to you…unless you’re just lookin’ for a trendy seat.


What I can’t get is that people still use them???

What a lot of drag they create,especially on shorter/thinner boards.

I would love to give out tail pads to my competitors in a surf contest as a gift.

don’t your feet still create drag even if there isn’t a pad?


i have a sort of solution

i think there a rip off as well

they start at 50$nz over hear and range up to 100$ dollar

when you got a fewboards lying around it can get quite expensive.

if you go to a boat suppliers that sell stuff for yachts

you can get exactly the same thing in packs of five or so squares, for attaching to yacht decks.

you can cut it to desired shape with a craft knife

I believe it even has the 3m adhesive on the back

cant recall the brands, but believe me they are out there

i think it was gunna work out at about 12$nz per grip(about 6$us)

it has the the little squares that stick out and appears to the same density

only drawback is it doesnt have a kicker

or i always though that suction cup booties were the go

just cut up a shower mat and stich and glue to the base of some split toe booties

pretty soon youll be busting airs

and no one will know your cheating :wink:

EVA Foam. Ethyl Vinyl Acetate is the stuff they’re made out of. Heaps of suppliers in the US, i’m struggling to find some in NZ, might check out your idea Silly.

Of course we have to start a thread about how to make them, thats the fun of it…

I use 'em because it’s easy to know that your back foot is in the right spot… we all know how crucial back foot placement is on a shortboard.

I know that most people just use skill instead!

I’ll do anything I can to give me a better chance of ripping.

And I do find that it’s easier to keep your foot on for those more violent off-the-tops…

I’ll admit I get it wrong, and it’s so annoying to come out of your first bottom turn, get to the top and THEN realise that you’re wrong footed, turn goes only half the way round, poo-stance down the line, hope ya mate didn’t see.

Sometimes I can’t tell it’s wrong on the bottom turn.

I’ve heard about rough-sanded finishes being used for grip - no wax, grip pad, nothin’.


if anyone knew what they were really made of !

no one would ever use them !

soilent green was bad enough.But we can get over canabalism

if its pasturized,and homoginized.

The under current of these insidious foot stomping pads

lies in the unexplained

disapearance of thousands

of puppies annually.

an investigation of all these …pads

should be undertaken at once!

the suspicious term pad

sets some minds

a reeling .

try it, pick up a passing dogs foot

stroke the underside off the toes

SEE! this brings tears to my midnight eyes.

its not about the money,

think about the poor puppies.

Old dogs that have died of natural causes maybe ,

but puppies?

come on

these guys are almost certainly in collusion with

people making bootleged fringed mocasins

with fur on the inside!

I wont even bring up kitties.

their delicate little toes

just think how many

for what ?

whacking a lip?


an imaginary coping?


a formerly nonexistent crack?

pete petersen dint use wax.

or puppy pads.


O.k. some pads are synthetic


read the labels carefully

are they from a Suspect Manufacturer?

be afraid… Be Very AFRAID…

and in the 21st century

it became cool to slip to the nose

and stop in a clean poised quaz


Fk’n Hilarious!

Yeah got the poorboy stuff down…bought a pack of black interlocking exersize matting (EVA)…$12 for about 8-10 pieces…I cut and slice to shape and hold it down with pu adhesive. Helps to know when youre on the sweet spot…wax doesnt seem to like it tho so its a bit tricky eh

i agree with kks

in a critical part of the wave

ie. drop in the lip or foam

you can just slide your foot back against the kicker without lifting you foot.

if you jump up in one movement its hard to get your feet right every time

so the grip really helps

it does however make me wonder why people put the grip so far back?

ie. when there foots against the kicker,it would be almost behind the trailing fin

which basically stalls the board

and renders the kicker obsolete.

sweet spot seems to me to be between the fins.

and dont tell me its to do aerials cuz not many surfers actually do them!

most guys, if you ask them they say

“thats where the pros put them”

but then again pros use the kicker for added leverage for aerials

ambrose i think you mistaken for these ones

but im not sure there actually made from puppies??

I refuse to pay over $25 for tailpads. I buy them online sometimes (I’d rather support local shop, though). My last two I found in local shops, one on closeout for $19 another 25% off for $16.75, so I picked them up knowing I would have a new board in a month or two.

Maybe you can get a deal when buying a new board from a shop, but I’ve taken to picking them up whenever they’re on sale for less than $20 b/c I know I will need them soon enough.