stored Resin Research, any issues?

i just got all set up to glass this board (FINALLY!) tomorrow…

due to family stuff, i haven’t touched my 3 gallon RR since i did my first glass job

about 1.5 to 2 years ago… it’s been stored indoors in the original bottles that shipped it in. the temps have never gone above 50 or below 90.

are there any issues i should be aware of? i’m about to do a test batch right now. i am going

to lay out a piece of glass on a piece of wood, wet it out, let it set, and check it tomorrow

before i glass the board… anything in particular that i should be looking for? i realize that i

may need to warm my “F” to make sure that any solids are back in solution… any input

is appreciated…


Do your test patch and post a photo if you think it looks suspect. Make sure you Add F is water consistency and clear otherwise it’s probably too cold. Other than that RR lasts for up to 2 years if it’s well sealed from what I know of it.

Is the resin discolored?  The fast can get a bit funky if you get it really hot for extended periods of time, but if you didn’t have it get past 90, I doubt it.  You’ll see some orange funk near the top of the cap, and it may slightly discolor, but once you add resin, it is not noticable.

I had my RR in my moms garage for about a year. Going from summer temps above 90 to winter temps below zero. No problems with the resin at all. No discoloration, cured fine.

The only problem was my 2/3 full can of add F was no more. Looks like all the xylene evaporated off even though the cap was on tight. If I could find some xylene it would be good I am sure.

thanks for the responses guys...

i did my test... the resin started to kick, so that's a good thing..

some of it's still tacky and i will make sure that it all kicks before i glass...

the hardener is slightly yellower than the resin... to clarify, the resin is water

clear and the hardener has a very slight yellow tinge to it... i wouldn't even have

noticed it if i didn't have the bottles right next to eachother... hopefully when i get up

in the morning it will all have cured and i can glass.

well, i just did the bottom... it's curing right now... it looks tons better than my first glass job but, there is still PLENTY of room to improve.

i ran out of time because i spent too much time trying to wet the laps... i used a combo of letting the resin run off the rails then coming back

later and dabbing with a chip brush before finally tucking them... the resin started thickening as i was looking for dry spots to work out. and

i had a little pooling in a couple places that i didn't get to...


on the deck, i want to use a method that i read about here where you fold the laps up onto the deck, pour out your resin, let everything soak

then fold them back, pull off the excess and tuck the laps... my question is, to those of you who use this method, is it hard to find and unfold

the laps after everything is resiny???

After the glass is cut and laying on the board I carefully roll the lap onto the flats exposing the rails.Then I mix my epoxy and before I pour my resin onto the board I go around the board quickly and paint the rails with resin,then carefully lay the glass back over the rails,then I proceed withe the glassing as normal.On a shortboard it costs me about 1 minute of working time with the epoxy,but I think it saves me time in the end because the rail cloth is fairly wet out buy the time I get to them,so it’s mainly tuck the laps instead of hunt for resin to tuck the laps with.