Straight fins for small surf?

Re: [cwroe] Straight fins for small surf?

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" Part of what fins does for board performance is 

that of propulsion. Vertical template (high aspect) fins

get through the water creating a relatively small amount

of turbulence and thus they are speedy. They are also

very pivital in the way they turn and don't give much drive

or spirt. Thus they don't give great propulsion.


No Worries, Rich

A Natural Edge "



yes , Rich ! .... [I have found that to be very TRUE indeed , with my experiments ! I DO like the pivotal feeling , at least.]


have you done a few "reverse rake fins" , anyway ?


if so ....can we see them , please ?

... I LOVE looking at your fin work here at Sways !


  cheers !



Pridmore, how does something like this handle compared to when you have a more standard fin template installed?