Stringer on a 10-footer

Just wondering if this stringer configuration will be strong enough on a 10’0 x 23 1/2" x 3 1/4". I plan to use, from left to right, 1/4" red cedar, 2 1/2" foam, 1/4" red cedar. So it’s basically a t-band, but with the 2 1/2" of foam between the wood. Is this strong enough for these dimensions? Or would it be advised to use balsa instead of foam? Note: I’m using Clark Super Green foam, and 8oz glass (double 8 on the deck.) Thanks for the input. -Gregg

Should be stronger than most boards in that range. Will add side support for a finbox and preserve the integrity of both stringers through the tail unlike a single stringer with box where the stringer is routed nearly through.