stringer question


I dont know how it got this way but the stringer in one point of my board is mabey an eighth of a nich below the suface of the foam … is there somethin i can fillin that space with befor i glass it ?

You can fill it with a resin/Qcell mix, or just saturate the void fully when you laminate the board. The added resin in the void will gel first, so you will know if it’s filled.

LeeDD, I’m not a glasser, but perhaps a related question?..What would be the best way to repair the deck of a perfectly high glossed board with a small number of scattered pressure dings?

So this wont cause the glass to crack after curing. Because i understand that if the stringer is above th foam line it has the potentail to crack too.

  1. for the “low stringer” problem I’d just glass normally, the resin will fill in, the glass will hold the resin there, as long as you’re glassing without colored/tinted resin.

  2. a board with “small scattered pressure dings” is weakly glassed to begin with, and even if you fill ‘em, there will be many more if whoever continues to surf that board. Unless it’s a wall-hanger (why?) it’s not cost-effective, nor is it good use of your time to patch what is likely an expendable modern board. You could still do it with cabosil-thickened resin and some acetate overlay, but I’ d have to hear a good reason why you’d bother, and that wasn’t presented.

Hey there. Old discussion but id like some thoughts on a possible problem.

I have a wicked little shortboard thats an ex comp design, full resin and hand finished. Ive fixed up a few dinks and cracks ive developed in the last year or so and it was during this time i saw one pressure ding on the deck which seems to be problematic. It starts at the stringer just above the front of the foot pad. The deck had cracked slightly away from the stringer, ive sealed it up twice and the board seems to last for another few surfs, but now im looking at it cracking away from the stringer, depressing the foam almost against it, causing i guess an edge that pushes through the top surface. Its still water tight to an extent, but with summer coming up id like to have another go at fixing it so no more cracking will occur. Is it a case of sanding the surrounding area back to fibres and then cloth and some resin?


[quote="$1"]   Is it a case of sanding the surrounding area back to fibres and then cloth and some resin? [/quote]

Given the repeated breakdown, you probably need to take repair to the next level.   I'd do the above at this point.

Yer i think i need to do that. Next problem is the resin on the other side of the stringer is absoulutley fine!? So do i need to take the resin back on both sides? Also is there any point in trying to level out the ding underneath? I have some sun cure foam repair stuff, havent used it yet, whould that fix the underlying ding before i re cloth and resin the top?

[quote="$1"]   So do i need to take the resin back on both sides? [/quote]

I think so.    Reinforce both sides of the stringer.

Ok so ideal situation is to sand or cut back the resin?

The crack runs a good part of 2 inches of affected resin. So ill look to increase that buy an inch or so than lateral to that by the same distance. I.e. treat an area around 3-4 inches square centred over the stringer.