i’m planing on doing a project like the project frog by making my own question is how do i get a stringer for it? does it have to be balsa and if so where can i get some that would work?does it have to be like a 1/4 by 4"piece then i cut to fit the shape of the rocker?i’m a newbie so please go easy on me !!

i just read something that says you can use a sheet of paneling and cut stringers out of it.anyone heard of this before if so any special type?

If you’re talking about that crazy long board post from recently, I think he said he used doorskin, glued up to thickness. Doorskin is 1/8" plywood. I think it says ‘Luan’ on the label as well… You can get it at home depot, and a lot of folks recommend it for templates as well.

Far from the only option. Search the archives. I saw mention of a bunch of materials used.

Good luck. The archives can be cumbersome to troll through, but there’s ridiculous amounts of knowledge in there.

If you do not have a table saw or circular saw to mess with large sheets of ply, check out this place:

They have balsa, basswood, and good Finnish plywood, as well as lite ply.

I have made stringers from balsa, but if you either have to scarf the pieces together, or glue up to thickness, as the pieces are only 4’ long max from national balsa. There is a balsa supplier thread that may have sources for longer pieces, though. Balsa can be tricky to work with if you are using a router, unless you have incredibly sharp bits and a slow feed. You have been warned. I was cutting stringers by using a templating bit from my rocker templates, and every now and then the balsa would rip down the grain, requiring a fix. I have never had that happen with ply.


Howzit famous, The door skin they sell at oue Home Depot is not a full sized sheet, it’s the lenght that a door is long so you would have to splice it together for a board over 6’8". Lumber yards on the other hand carry it in full 8’ lenghts and it’s usually has mahogany on 1 side. Alot of shapers us it for making templates.Aloha,Kokua

If you don’t have power tools you can cut door skin with a utility knife. For a 1/4" stringer cut out two pieces and glue then together.