Stringerless Glassing Schedule

I am curious what you guys are using for stringerless glassing schedules.  Im doing resin research lam and a resin x hotcoat.  It will be a 6'3 fishey thruster.  I was thinking 6+4 deck 6 base.  With the added flex is it ok to have an uneven glassing schedule?  Have any of you guys tried a band around the rails? Oh and its a sealed eps blank.


depends if you want a lighter board with additional flex...If thats what you want, I'd glass it all 4 oz but do bigger laps than usual...thats what I did with one of mine , plus ran an extra 2" strip of cloth down the centr on the lasted a while before it ended up creasing a few times but never was a very lively board, all who surfed it, liked it...  it would kind of defeat the purpose of having eps and no stringer if you were to glass it heavily IMO...

thanks pridmore, Definatly a better idea to do bigger laps than put another strip of glass in the schedule.

I was thinking something similar at first 4 and 4,  Maybe ill do 4 and 4 with a foot patch of 4oz for dent resistance.

 also forgot to add that the blank has a glue line. dont know if that will play in or not.

what’s the weight of the core?




makes a difference on the schedule


good combo EPS+ResinX

just depends how thick the profile is

thickness ruins flex no matter the core…

Also I’d ask Matt/Mitten for advice since that’s his secret sauce you’re playing with.

Matt’s a good guy

straight up

call him


I would use 3 layers on the deck and 2 layers on the bottom - vary the weight of cloth for your desired weight/flexibility.
I would also stagger the laps and bring the laps out further than you normally would. There is a fantastic thread on this in the archives - I think Deadshaper started it so try to dig that one up.

I can give you what has been working for me. 

For my last couple of stringerless thrusters, I vacuum bagged them so the finish weight might be a little off, I used 1.5 lb EPS foam, with 4x4 bottom and 4x4x4 with a 4oz deck patch putting 16oz on deck and 8oz on bottom, Resin Research 2020. This may seem a little heavy but with 1.5 lb foam it is a good lam schedule if you can control the weight. My last board was a 6’9 destined for Costa Rica and it came in at 5.75lb with fins and boxes, respectable… I have ridden this board extensively and the pressure dents are minimal, only a little around the back foot, no tail pad and I tend to hurt this area of the board. I will say I don’t totally agree with the concept of really big laps. I bagged these boards and have what is probably considered a heavy glass job and I have had no problems with normal sized laps. At 16 on top and 8 on bottom the support is there and any excessively large laps may tie the board up too much. I really like this combo, these are some of my favorite boards, very responsive.


As a point of reference, I have shaped many boards out of this foam and tried several lamination schedules. My favorites being the ones I have been talking about and the wide fish I shaped --glassed 6x6 top and 6 bottom-- great ride, will pressure dent. 


If you are using another weight foam then adjustments are relevant. I used 3lb foam for one and glassed it 4x4 top and 4 bottom, worked great, still dented. That board was also vac’d, super light, not so durable. 


Also, if you are building your own boards and know that you are building more, then pushing the limits is what it is about. I came to the vac’d stringerless heavy lam after building some boards that were light, fun and didn’t last. Great reason to build more. I like the line that nets a board that has reasonable life and total function. Its all fun, glass it, ride it, and adjust as needed. 


6'9 stringerless


Hey guys, Awesome input

Ive been planning on asking matt but im still planning some things out so i thought id just ask him the next time we talk.  So heres my thinking after talking to you guys.  I want a light board but dont like the idea of fixing it everytime i come down hard on it, that in mind i dont mind heel dents.  My last board i did 6 plus 4 on deck and 6 on base with rr lam and rx hot and its really durable and heel dent resistant, it also has good flex even with the stringer.  This board im thinking im doing all rx with the same glass schedule and large laps.  Otherwise im doing rr and rx with 444 deck 44 base. I belive the foam is a light 2lb material, ill have to ask matt about that too.


some more ideas on a thread i posted too

lamination schedule for small wave speecialist

check it out

ill go with real light, i want to break it…then beef it up

all s-glass,

6-4 deck, and 4 patch on thinned tail

6 bottom, patched around fin boxes till tail.

also, ill patch the nose area, since you always break or crease the nose, say 2 feet down.

ill post results later