Strip and re shape that may just work!!

I used an angle grinder to help me strip the glass on this baby, my beloved ( but heavy, and over volumed ) twin keel. Gunna use lighter glass ( 4x44 ) and probox on this baby.



Still rough, but im excited. Looking around 6'ish x almost 15ish nose x 20 3/8 ish wide ( on centre or maybe just behind ) x 15ish x 2 3/4 ish. Dont care too much about exact numbers. No idea about how im gunna glass over the boxes already there, but i'll figure it out.

Yup strip, reshape and glass can be fun. scratch the fin boxes up real good, tape off/seal any screw holes. wet/glass as normal avoiding the fin boxes, then as a last step, wet glass over the boxes very gently and carefully with a small brush or gloved finger using the least amount of resin to fully wet. after the resin has kicked, cut the opening and screw holes with a sharp blade.

hiya Mark !!


  do you still have other proboxes ?


  because , if so , you could always holesaw out the existing fcs plugs , then .... fill in with foam after ?the bottom is recontoured ? [yes?], glass the board , then install the proboxes ?   just a thought .


  I asked , because I have probox keels , and twinnys , that you can use .


so , what exactly will you be doing ...thinning the rails , tail , and bottom ?


  putting in vee , or concave[s] ?


  putting in more tail rocker ?


  i look forward to seeing the finished board , mate ...


  will you be doing a spray again ?


  or a resin swirl , perhaps ? or , a TINT ??


***  if you let me know what colour[s] , maybe i can make you a matching set of fins , if you like ? ***


 alright Mark ... thanks for posting this thread know how 'chipper the stripper' likes watching OTHERS do the same * yuk yuk






* to their BOARDS , that is , in case anyone here might be getting anxious !!  hahahh






i dont know if this will help you but… i recently stripped an old board and reshaped/reglassed.  i originally had 4 future boxes and a single fin box.  i routed the boxes out and replaced with foam prior to the reshape (this was kind of annoying during the shaping process as i had to be cautious around the ‘foam plugs’ so they were not displaced)  once the shaping was done, the glassing went pretty easy.  sorry i didnt take photo’s of the procedure.



Thanks for the advice guys. I think i'll holesaw the side plugs out, and replace with foam, but the centre one i'll just glass over ( gunna be a twin, and i never use it ). The leash plug i think i'll leave in there and try to use, its pretty solid, and this is my small wave board. Its amazing how high they all sit up without the glass. A good 3mm/ 1/8''.


Hey ben, yep i'll be thinning out the nose and tail, and the board in general, we'll see how i go!!.




The template was a bit too long, so i ended up with a little bit shorter board, and an almost square swallow tail hehe. Got the plugs out by hand with a holesaw. Started the rails. Pretty excited about it at the moment, though i have a new board, so i'll be playing around with that for a while.



I wonder if the foam will absorb more resin after you removing the outer foam, some reshapes seem to do that , only done a few but reshapes are fun, love seeing them get a 2nd chance at life...before and after pics are great too....

hi mark !


  how long is the board now ?


  would you consider removing the back fin box / plug , so that you can pull in the tail , to go with either a slightly wide [say , 6" pod] rounded square ? and , also , slightly narrowing and rounding the nose a bit ?


  or , remove the hip , perhaps , to get a roundtail out of it


  of course , me being me , i'm looking at that template , width , and length ....and a voice is saying to me "SINGLE FIN 'STUBBY' !"  something around ...  14-15"n x 6' ? x 19 1/2 - 20"?  x 2 1/4- 2 3/8" (when glassed] .... vee bottom , fine rails , a bit of tail rocker , and nose rocker [ say ...2 1/2 " and ? 5"?, respectively] Anyway , these are just some of my thoughts ........  but , of course , that's just ME ...OTHERS may vary ! 


  cheers !




edit ...Ross , owner manager of the Longboards Scarborough shop ,  has a similar [ but , 6'4" ]version of what i just mentioned ...but , with almost a mal-like nose . He set it up with the 'widowmaker' option , too ......"NOICE !!"

Hey ben, that may me a good idea. I still have room for a finbox too. hmmmm whadda ya all reckon??


i think beerfan you should go to miter 10 and ask them to cut a sheet of 3mm mdf into 300m wide strips to make templates. then using a a batton mark out an outline acurately and then cut it with a fine saw . then smooth any flat spots you get with a long sanding block. after you can sight down the edge of the template and not see any flat spots, place this on the blank and using a sharp pencil, mark the outline on the bottom of the blank. after that you use a fine saw or sanding blok or surform etc and shape your outline cleaner. otherwize njoy


Yes silly i am aware its not the smoothest outline. I cut the template down from another template. My ability is also an issue haha. I usually use mdf, but this one was my first one, made out of masonite. Im definately a garage hack!

I wasn't quite happy with the outline, so i narrowed the tail a bit.


One thing i really need to know is what to fill the holes with??. I'd like to use my probox twin fins, and also keels on this, but the holes would be right in the way. I was thinking of making plugs from foam, or maybe expanding foam, but im not sure if expanding foam would be a good idea if im putting fins in the area of the holes??



i just cut some old poly foam and inlay it in there. glue it in

when you make a template you turn it on its side and sitght down the edge and any bumps will be apparent. clean them with a block plane and sanding block

good advice , Silly !


yep , mark , re-template it , thin it , put in a fin box , plug up the holes with foam [you'll be routing them out again for probox , anyway !]


   i'd LOVE  to see this a smooth singley stub , with side fin options.


  take your time , and it should be SWEET !!


  [meanwhile , do you have any photos of your new QUAD fin , please , Mark ?


  i'd love to see it ! [maybe on a new thread , eh ?]


  have a GREAT new year mate ....good surfing to you !!


  cheers !


  chipper the ex-stripper [what a [t]ripper!] wearing a slipper while using nail clipper[s]

Ok guys, i need some advice about the fin positioning. Yeah, i have read the archives, and i do know roughly where i want them, but i have a set of modern keels, and also ben aipa twin fins ( both probox sets ), and i was thinking that i'd place the boxes so that the keels would be 7 1/2'' from the tail. That way i could always move the keels forward, and the aipa twinny's would be close to 8" from the tail ( the base is shorter on the aipa's ). Im looking for this to be loose. BTW i have added a small amount of V, from a few inches on front of where the leading edge of the fins will be.



Hey ben, i tried to respond to your pm, but it says "chipfins61 does not accept pms", it'll be a twin fin only mate. Sounds like you had fun on the little fish!!

hey beery

Mate the keels at 71/2" will be pret.ty spot on !!

If you can get your twinnies at around 9" with some play in the box ..... should be closer to the mark IMHHO


Progress pics. Rails go from up turned in the nose, to down, with a little tuck, then to down with hardly any edge in the tail. Still heaps of foam, because of the flat deck. Should still float my 78kg, 5'9'' arse.



I like it!

Too bad You, me , and Chipfish live 4000 miles apart.....We could do some nice re-shapes together....Keep up the good work...



Howdy Beerfan.

Bit late obviously but you can fill all plug and box holes etc;with moulding putty ( in oz plasticine) glass over then before or after sanding rout out .neat and tidy.As always with routers need to be carefull.Only need to break the surface then dig the rest out.Simple.Some existing fin setups use this or similar applications in there installation process.

My two bobs worth on the template discussion is just alter the section behind where the front plug is.I know it's all done but for future use.Outline moves out,maybe tighten curve ( slightly).Can still have similar tail shape without altering dimensions too much.


Steve Rice

Rocker and rail shots. Still need to thin out the nose a bit, and the tail.