Stripped board, question on volume/outline/fin placement

Hey guys

I stripped an old blank of mine with the intention of making a new board out of it. I have quite a few questions.

Currently, the blank is 5’9", 22 inches wide, and about 2 3/4" thick.

I am about 5’10, and 145 lbs.

Now, since I stripped the blank, there are a few holes in it from the pliers when stripping the glass. Some of the holes are like 1/4" deep. So as a result I have to shave the blank down to about 2 1/2" thick.

Now my question is, how would this board float me if it was about 5’7" x 21 x 2 1/2"? At 145 lbs. will this float me? I am a good paddler and consider myself an advanced surfer. Would this board paddle as well as the average 6’0" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/4" thruster?

I’m going to keep the rails pretty thin, and I want this board to be closer to the high-performance side rather than the retro fish. The fish will sort of be inspired by the Rich Pavel Speeddialer (aka the “quan”). It will have a canard quad set-up.

Now, my next question is, does anyone know some good outlines for the typical quad-fin fish? Can anyone give me some good nose and tail dimensions? Widepoint position, etc? Do most quad fin fishes have the same outlines as twin keels, but just with a different fin setup?

Should I add concaves, or should I add vee?

Thanks in advance,


Too bad you already thinned the blank. Lightweight construction spackles fill nicely, is lightweight, and easy to sand.

22" wide boards, any thickness over 2.15, should float like a cork, or at least catch waves easy and early.

More turny for small waves, WPoint back 2".

Concaves if you want, but you still need some kinda V out the back for easy banking at speed.

hi JLW !

I am exactly the same size as you .

My 5’7 x 20 x 2 1/2" “stubbie” single fin floats me fine , paddles well , duckdives well , is very manouevrable …I love it , in short ! [oops… pun]

I left the deck fairly flat , therefore the rails are fairly chunky . I actually made it this size by cutting off the tail of a 5’10 fish blank .

okay , I hope this helps mate !


p.s. - I am a skinny 44 year old [we normally have the “reputation” [?] of being slow / lazy / bad paddlers …haha …think again ! ]

regarding fin placements on a fish , I will post some photos soon [just for a change ]

regarding vee …my “stubbie” has LOTS !

…yeah, it will float fine. I’ve ridden 6’ 18" 2" boards before and they floated me at 5’9 1/2" 60klg.

Okay, thanks a lot guys.

The volume issue was my main concern.

I’m just going to use the 5’5" lis template that’s in that .pdf file (it’s a really well-known and popular lis template) and add an extra inch in length.

I looked at some quad outlines and they look pretty similar to the average twin keel outline.

Thanks a lot guys,

if you could give me some information on fin placement of the typical canard quad setup it would be appreciated.