Student killed by large wave

Significant waveheight was 10 meters in the area. The student was found dead early this morning.


Were there any ridable waves?

I dunno, guess too windy. Max height was supposedly 16-17 meters, that’s like 8xOH. I’m not even thinking of surfing in those conditions.

Be safe.



I just thought there might have been some protected little bay reeling off at the time, no disrepect to the family.

16 -17 meteres = 52-55 feet.


Sad story but, at the risk of sounding cruel, isn’t this Darwinism at work? Am I wrong or does the article describe the conditions as follows:


[b][i]"heavy breakers, but the strong wind had created enormous, spectacular waves, up to 8 metres high, and the students had wentured out on the breakwater to watch the tremendous forces at work.

As surfers don’t we have a certain responsibility to ourselves, if not others, to be aware of the conditions which we face each day? Most of us (that live near harbors) are familiar with the dangers of waves breaking over the breakwater on a regular basis. As a teenager we used to watch the waves crash over the Redondo Breakwater and rip holes in the black top as well as knock boats around inside of the harbor. We definitely knew better than to try to stand in the middle of the danger zone.

Didn’t the article also state that this occurred at night? What the hell were they thinking? My guess is that copius amounts of alcohol or some other mind altering substance had a play in this. If not, it must truly be DARWINISM!

Sad story but one from which to learn.

P.S. How the hell do I turn off these damn bold/italics?

Sr Pato


Truly a sad story. The student who died is from the area where I live and growing up on an island you would think he would have known better. Still, I remeber being young and stupid all too well. Aparently they were out on the breakwater to check if it would be possible to surf in the morning. Maybe they had used some mind altering substance of some sort, but at that age pure stoke would propably have done it for me. Luckily noone else got killed as there was 8 or 9 on the breakwater when the accident occured, 4 who got washed off and some of the shoreline search teams the students formed got washed out into the ocean as well and was only saved by the ropes used to secure them. I think all who was there and all who hears this story will learn to respect the powers of mother nature a little more.

Maybe they should get a copy of this sign up there? This sign is located at the entrance of a large breakwater near another surfarea in Norway.



I absolutely agree with you on the “young and stupid” part. I too had my share of idiotic actions when I was younger. Fortunately, we have survived them and hence learned a good deal about actions/consequence. Now that we’re older it’s too easy to become jaded with our own wisdom. I apologize if I sounded cruel or uncaring in the previous post.

Sr Pato