What kind of varnish do use use to seal the blankstringer prior to glueing up the halves?

I know you guys dont like to share your techniques but get over your insecurity…besides ,we all knows surftech type tech is the future right.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people. (soulticism, 2005)

Composite board builders don’t glue the stringer at all. Thus they are not secure and are actually insecure stringers. But you will have to get over this building technique if you ever want a, light, durable and flexible board.

you seem angry C-man. surftechs are just fine. That and a pair of surftrunks and a leash, some wax and a few waves.

Life can’t be that bad.


Dr. Phil

Stringers aren’t sealed before gluing them up.

The glue Clark Foam uses, they won’t sell to the public, or so they told me last week.

Stringer glue has been discussed here a bit, use the Search function. Elmer’s white glue (aliphatic resin) and the newer polyurethane glues have been used. The stringer really doesn’t take much to hold it it, just so long it stays in place while you shape. And if not, just stick it back together again.

what planet r u from ?

dont speak of that which u no not of


What kind of varnish(?)?

I know you guys dont like to share your techniques but get over your insecurity…besides ,we all knows surftech type tech is the future right.

To add to CmpHawaii’s thought… …the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. (!)

I agree with hicksy.

Mr Callaway

I dont think you deserve an answer, because being a newbie myself , you should have a bit more respect to how generous swalocks members have been in the past. Pull your head in or piss off.


what planet r u from ?

dont speak of that which u no not of. Callaway, Please complete your user profile, so that forum members have some idea of your level of experience and knowledge. With respect to your post in response to Honolulu, the same comment you made to him,could be directed to you. Honolulu happens to be absolutely correct. If you are here (the forum) to learn, he gave you a good opportunity. If you are here to contribute, please do so. I hope you are not here to piss people off. The fact that you have with a number of members who are pretty mellow,should give you reason to reconsider the attitude you have projected. I hope this advise is usefull to you, and that you pay some attention to it.

I suspect Calloway is not interested in learning or sharing information. He strikes me as a kid or someone who has yet to grow up and is here to see if he can get things heated up. Kind of like the child prankster who puts the dog pooh on the porch, adds lighter fluid, lights it then rings the door bell. Or, he is one of those cowards that flips people off from the safety of his car at 65 mph. So far I am struck by how gentle everyone has been with him/her. Mike

Howzit Thrailkill, We won't be bothered by Callaway for a while,it only took him about 15 posts to get a 14 day ban. I'm glad this one was nipped in the bud early, we don't need his negativity here.Aloha,Kokua

mr calloway,

with all due, and maybe unecessary, respect, this is not the place to insult people who, despite of the insecurity you think we have, replied to you in a courteous manner. personally, i think you may be the insecure one here, not the sways. you forget that our names are sometimes aliases, and you may be isulting the hand that may someday feed you, or help you with a real problem.

that wouldnt be me, as i am here to learn, and share knowledge, not pick fights.

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All I can say is that I am delighted and honored to be in your knowledgable and courteous company. The spirit of this place will never die -

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Good job Kokua