Suggest a Shop name. Makers and repairs.

Funny how things turn out, no sooner had I started this thread than I started doing a stream of repairs and it hasnt stopped for the past 6 months. People calling at all hours, crawling around the house at midnight looking for the doorbell, me crawling into bed at 1.30am after doing rush jobs,

 and now Im over it.

 While its a lot of fun to be dabbling on the fringes of the industry in an amatuer capacity, but when you really take it on as a proper business it lost a lot of its fun factor.

 Im going back to doing experimental boards, actually thats the main reason why Im not doing dings anymore, its doesnt leave enough time to satisfy the creative side.

 Maybe I'll go back when I run out of ideas ....

What happened in your case is typical of many.  if you are a shaper or boardbuilder sooner or later you reach a point where the creative side of your person is not satisfied.  No time to shape or glass something from scratch, for yourself, someone else, a shop or whatever.  Especially frustrating for a shaper.  The two most successful ding repair operations I have ever seen were on the same Island.  One had never done anything but ding repair.  The other had two employees who were paid by the hour and did all the ding  repair, freeing up the owner of the shop to do other things.