Suggestions for small wave board

I’m moving back to the east coast this summer and I’m looking to shape two new boards before I go. One will be 9’2"x23.5"x3.75" with a 18" nose and 15" tail single fin based off of Herb’s Rasta Log and a Bruce Jones Super Floater (so it will fit in the car if it’s good enough to short board. However, I’m not sure what kind of shortboard to make. I shaped a 6’2"x21"x3 1/8" modern fish that is too short for my weight and fitness(finally surfed after 3 weeks and I’m super sore). I’m thinking using the 6’9A blank to shape a 6’6"x21"x3" 17" nose and 15" tail modern fish with twin fins and a trailer . I’m 200lb. now, but working down to 190lb. Any suggestions? How should place the fins? The guys at Hydroglas in San Clemente have been helping with that but would like to do it own my own and stop bugging them. Thanks, John