Sun Cure Catalyst

Does anyone use this? How is it? I’m talking about the stuff they sell on ezfoam I know alot of companies are using it now, but alot of shapers stick by the old school way, I’m thinking that the traditional way is prob nicer looking, stronger…obviously I don’t know though, just speculation.

I buy my resin with the uv catalyst already in it. It works good. Very convenient. As far as I know there is no difference in strength. It looks the same when done. I believe the uv activated resins have been around longer the the catalyzed stuff we traditionally use. Mike

there is no strength difference. the only problem people have with UV resins is that you need to have a workspace that is completely free from natural light. if you have this, UV catalyzed resin is GREAT. there’s no rush, and it will never start to gel up until you want it to.

Waitaminit, Ted Wilson of Fiberglass Hawaii (or one of his Honolulu retail clerks) told me that UV cure resin has slightly less shelf life than regular catalyzable poly resin. FH puts a dated sticker on the bottom of all the cans of resin they sell, and warn that six months is about all you can expect. It’s true, too. Resin starts to form crystals after six months. The crystals and lumps can be strained out and the fluid resin is still good, but it may thicken slightly from styrene evaporation.

UV resin costs a little more than a dollar and change over the regular, at the five gallon rate, still much cheaper than buying by the gallon or, lord forbid, smaller containers. Seems like the damn containers are expensive.


UV cure resin has slightly less shelf life than regular catalyzable poly resin.

hmmm…didn’t know that. it’s not something that’s ever really come into play before, and it’s never been much of a problem or a concern. i know i read differently about uv resin somewhere else, but i can’t really speak to the validity of the source. thanks for the heads up.

 Howzit Honolulu, Ted told me basically the same thing, UV resin has about 1/2 the shelf life of non-UV resin. We have a hardware store in Princeville that tries to sell UV resin for $60. a gal. I told them that at that price it won't sell and it will go off sitting on the shelf after about 6 months. What they don't realize is the paint store down the road sell it for $37. a gal. But does the hardware store listen,NO, and it serves them right since they are the biggest rip-off on Kauai. Aloha, Kokua