Sun Cure UV resin

Does anybody have an idea where I could purchase a 5 gallon jug of their laminating resin, along with some surfacing agent located in the Los Angeles or Orange County area?? I called Surf Source, who happens to be located in Florida, and they said the shipping charges were around $65 - $75. Very steep!!! How about another alternative that is compatiable with the Sun Cure resin products. Thanks to all who reply…

Howzit shaka, Try Bashams in San Clemente or take a drive to Santa Barbara and go to Fiberglass Hi. My last 5 gal. of UV resin cost $ 116.00. Aloha, Kokua

I don’t know about 5 gallons, but Mitch’s in La Jolla or Solana Beach sells resin for $18.00 per gallon and a bag of UV dust to kick it off for $6.00. So $24.00 you get a gallon of suncure. Just about the same cost as a 5 gallon bucket.


We carry Laminating, Sanding, Gloss resin, and Surfacing Agent plus the UV powder additive. We stock it in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon jugs. Our retail hours are Monday thru Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 11-3pm, we’re located in Huntington Beach, Orange County. Come on down, we’ll set you up on whatever you need. Email or call us if you have more questions.

I like buying the resin in it’s natural state.Then I can add the UV powders as I see fit.Same goes for surfacing agent.Hey Nigel do you guys have any good resin tint colors?What about white colored 40grit?


The only resin tints we stock are RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. Check out Crystaliner for a better selection of colors. The only white sandpaper we have is 80 grit.

I hope this helps.