sunova sighting in newquay, england

Hi,just saw my second only sunova board here in newquay,England, its on display in the quicksilver shop,

The serial no was 25## which puts it slightly newer than mine but about 9-10 years old ,no deck dents at all and it felt about 5-5 1/2 lb ,

It looked like a gracefull swan among a flock of seagulls ,it just looked so good .so much better than the rows of generic plain white boards that arn/t worth the bother of art work on them because of the limited life span ,

The owner of the board works in the shop but comes from west oz ,actually the town burt comes from,

I just wish it was sunova boards I was seeing rather than the firewires that have just started to arrive here , burt has put in the hard yards years ago and should have reaped the rewards from building boards as beautifull and strong as these,pete

hey i saw my first sunova this summer in ireland, out at inch. beautiful board with a very soulful surfer on it, from ireland but he’d lived in oz for ages!

wish we saw more for sure!

Is it on sale or just on display ?

hi Burnsie, i never asked whether it was for sale , i was speaking to the guy that it belonged to and he gave me the impression he was pretty stoked on it, it was a 6 ft 2 in board so was a bit small for me , pete

Hi Pete,

Could you remember the details of the shop?

Bert actually can’t remember what shop it was that stocked Sunova in Newquay over ten years ago, because they went there through a Belgian distributor…

Now back in business, we would like to get into Cornwall at some stage.

All the best…



PM PaulUK he has just started an surfboard distribution.