Just saw the new sunova board lineup.Looks like Bert and Josh have been real busy.They have a real detailed description of each board model and the benefits of how the board was constructed.I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


I have it as a .pdf that DanB sent. PM me with your email address if you’d like a copy. Good stuff.

Well - Not that this needs a “reply,” but I had to log in to PM anyway! Ha!

Now that I’ve sent out a dozen or so of these things, everyone PM Taylor for a while… he’s got it now :slight_smile:

If he gets sick of answering, he can name the next lucky winner… :wink:

Could you not just upload the pdf or link to it??


Its too big for Sways and I don’t have anyplace else to upload to.

I received it on email, so didn’t have a link. Try Sunova-googling and see if you can find it :slight_smile:

thanks for that benny

                         merry christmas

Woo, burning up the information superhighway!

Seriously, that was faster than a San Diego Inferno. A handful of crew received that catalogue direct, and now its out there.

Surfercross, busy is not the word for it…and there’s more to come…guns, funboards, longboards. So the Pdf Catalogue is the shortboard range only.

We put out the Pdf before a website update because the number of models is making the site a major mission. The site has been very short on info for a long time now, too long, but the big one will have some guts to it.

Particularly you Karl, I thank you for your patience. We are stoked with the boards coming through and the crew who are in training to help us meet the demand.

For anyone keen to see that catalogue, you can also mail me at


didnt see any vents

are you not venting anymore josh

i was suspecting this

Look forward to it.


Basically, we chose to display the bottoms of the boards in the catalogue…

2 reasons, space, and the fact that the examples of digital prints were on the bottoms. (BTW, theres more of those to come in an update…)

So, yes they are vented. Theres no exuses for not venting 1lb EPS.


ru kidding

how about livin in dunedin

Sorry Silly,

Forgot again, you’re one of those Big-Figged NZ’ers…

Yeah, spose cold will keep it under control, but still, you might go Indo one day…


Just tried the site - couldn’t access the .pdf - got a link anyone?

Seriously - best luck boys - I think you could take on firewire with the beauty of your product -

I’d love to get on one!

pm me your e mail

ill send you one



I’ve received heaps of requests and well wishes…

Thank you all.

I’d like to take the opportunity to ask- Whats the response to the uncovered corecell look?


Hey Josh,

Love the boards. I’m a new member to this forum although I have been reading it for a while.

Anyway I have a quick question as to the wait time for a Sunova board. I sent my customer information a few weeks ago & was wondering what is the approx turn around from order to finish? Just wondering as I hadn’t received a reply.



josh dont change a thing the natural corecell is just the ticket

like the inserts whith the tab in front of fins good stuff

just dont make them look like that other lot

         merry christmas 



Let me get an update on the delivery time question from my logistics guy, Greg…

I’ll get back to you.