SUP Project Numero Uno!

Alright so this thread is likely to be a little delayed as I am going to post as we are going on it. But here it goes. I have been working with Shine on this project and I can’t begin to say how much fun I have had and am having. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share with a first timer like me! So we started on the blank, we cut the foam down and then he had me cut the stringers, which is white pvc that way it will blend in and not stand out from under the mad crazy tint we are going to be doin’, like purple nurple or somethin’ like that! This is what the final blank looked like…

Sorry for the small image, but it is what the Sway Man wants!

So next we took it into the shaping bay for some touch up work, more like rough it out! Did I mention how big this bahemoth is… 11x29x5.

That is after most of the foam was shaved away! Quite a snowey experience. The next few images are just the slow progress of getting this monster roughed out.

This is Shiner hard at work while I stand somewhere off to the side lookin cool with the camera!

Now for some more!

Who is that guy?

Man that guy did a friggin’ amazing job!

There is the final one of the day. All roughed out and rarin’ for the next shapin’ sesh! More to come in the next coupla days. I am also going to be building a paddle as well, so that write up will likely come at the end of this one. Now I know why all you shapers enjoy what you are doing!