SUP Rocker & Thickness

I’m thinking about laying up a blank, shaping and glassing an SUP.  I’m going to emulate the Riviera “Door” model.  I’m thinking 8’x30"x3.75" with Keels.  I’m planning on using some 2’x8’x2" sheets of Foamular 250, 400 and 600 left over from a job site.  My plan is to cut out rocker profiles from the sheets, rough them up with sandpaper and glue 15 to 16 of them together to make the blank.  I’ll place the more dense foam beneath my feet and at the rails to add some strength.

I asked the folks at Riviera for the rocker dimensions of their “Door” model.  “Flat” was the answer I was given.  I’ve attached an image of that model. 

I’m hoping that someone here might be able to give me some idea of where to start.  Thanks for your help.


If the board is for you personally and you’re already riding a 30" width, I’d consider going narrower. Those parallel rail outline boards that carry their width through their length like that are very stable. I’d also consider narrowing that tail. I’ve seen a Door and the tails are just too wide IMO. Look at a Deep Minion or Bert Berger’s Sunova Speeed for ideas.  5.5" nose rocker, 2.75" tail rocker worked good for me on 7’ 4". Also check out the Tomo Vanguard. Where everyone is getting their ideas. Good luck!

This board has the rocker you require.

Thanks.  I’m 6’ and 190#s, so I thought the extra volume would help carry my, um, shoveling muscles.  I’ll check out the shapes you’ve mentioned, though I’m familiar with Tomo Vanguard.


You work for Riviera?  That’s the rocker spec they sent me.

The only Door sup I ever saw was 24" wide at the tail. I’m 6’1" 180 myself and I think mine is 14" at the tail and 27" wide.  Once again, you’ll have more volume than you think with the parallel rails. 

and Barry, did you get that pic off the Riviera website? That’s exactly what it looks like!

When I look at the “Door” models on Riviera’s site they look monsterously thick.  I’m not interested in that.  I don’t imagine it’s possible to sink a rail on one of those models.

If the model you saw had a 24" tail, that’d make the nose 20"-24" no? In the images I’ve seen, the nose looks to be more narrow than the tail, with the board’s wide point moved back from center.


I checked out the Speeed and the Minion.  I’m interested in how the volume is distributed in the Minion.  It looks full in the middle, but is it 4"?  That’d mean a really flat deck, as the nose area looks thin.

I have to admit I just happened to walk up on a couple of guys on the beach and stopped to take a look at the Door model which belonged to one of them. The fella about to go out and give it a try weighed 250 and was thinking all that volume would be perfect for him.

I think those Minions range around 4" thick, some thinner, some thicker.  I believe you’ll be fine in with your thickness according to your dimensions. I ride 3 3/4" to 3 7/8".  Yeah if you look at those Minions you’ll see they have a low apex rail line that climbs quickly to the deck, allowing the rail to still bite  but offering stability also, I’m guessing. That’s for those more qualified to say. Remember a lot of these boards are really short. When you get down say 7’6" and below the front to back stability is just as much a factor as side to side. 

Go 5.25" nose and 3" tail.  Wide and thin is a good combo.  Keeps 'em sensitive and skatey!  Post pics.


Thanks, Kirk, for the dimensions.  Your work looks great, by the way.