Sup Surf "Trigger fish"

 Sup Surf “Trigger fish"Quad  for the summer 7’11”- 29 1/2"  wide-4"thick in the center 3 1/2" rails 2lb eps.

I live here on the east coast and found a new weapon for the days the longboard doesnt work.

works great in the mornings on those knee high southwest trade swell days.


this is mine similar dimenshions 7’9 x 3" 3/4 x 29" 1/2 and has more than enuff to float me at 72kg so going to do a step down at around 7’5 x 28" next

Thanks Guys appreciate you looking! I have been shaping and riding this basic fish design for the last 5 years(surfboard not sup). absolutly right charliekusa, I love the speed and the stabilitly in bigger faces. last summer I had a chance to ride 2 production fish SUP’S the volume on them were about 127 liters. a little to chunky in the rails so I decided to step it down.  



looks cool love the artwork im going to be on my thrid sup fish soon and love them loads of stabity with stacks of speed and hold!

Thick board, skinny rails. Looks great !

Never seen SUP fish.  Interesting, what’s the advantage?  Have you taken it out yet?