Supercharger RocketFish

Just picked up my new stick from Herb, maybe he has a photo to post 6.8" 21"wide swallow tail with slight nose/tail rocker Supercharger set up…Worth the wait…Custom surfboard yea! With my weight and the way I like to surf this board will fly in overhead surf! He even used Rick McCale’s old #13 templete from the 70’s and you can tell It’s all Christian Bros…Thanks for the Surfboard Brother, I can say that with meaning cuz Lloyd Herbie Spitzer is my brother…This will take the Fish to a new level, to where the old Dyno couldn’t go…In overhead surf the twin fins will now stay in the rafers, my son can ride them.

thats where you guys went wrong. Stevies old Fish design still works awesome in mackin overhead surf. Sure it has to be clean, but.......... Ralphs, Newbreak, Lobs Lounge, Honolua B, Pipe, Backdoor, outer islands-- buddy you just name it and claim it. Get down on your KNEES and worship the real thing: LIS FISH

Clyde Jr. has been making and riding the supercharged twinfin rocket fish for years. He calls his “Clyde biters”. Clyde says they will ride anything you can paddle into. 805-965 3180. He’s got the experience to back it up

Does Clyde Beatty have a website? Whats a “rocket fish”? I always heard David Nuuhiwa invented the “fish” back in the day. Thanks

herb, buggie, now ray…the whole spitzer clan!

David did alota stuff be he no invent FISH. That be Stevie Lis. Fish gots too much wide and too much fins for da big days. Pull the tail, add some bend, short base fin mo bettah. Say ROCKET cause now go fast in de big wabes.

Shorten the fin base, narrow the tail? I disagree. I have a Clyde Beatty Rocket fish that can handle anything from mellow trestles to pumping Blacks. Yes the rocker and outline is considerably different from a Lis Fish, but the fins are pretty similar as well as the tail width. These fins and tail outline work great in big surf. Sluggo

Clyde has three different fin templates and two sizes of biters. This gives many combinations to work with. Essentially three boards in one. The Shaping has switched from Max to Chris Bauer. I have seen Clyde at outside overhead and Bombora Strand riding his, more gunny rocket fish. I think his big wave boards are in the 7’8" range and pretty much pulled in template. They don’t sell great numbers , but the people who give them the time are blown away. That can be said for most good fish shapes. As my friend Eddie says- It’s all good!

Hey Sling Who’s the F%$^% Buggie?

I had a Lis Fish 5.5" Better for knee riding than stand up had great rocker but to wide at times it would flip over and hit you in the head when you did rollercoasters. My Rocketfish is not from a Clyde templete so it probably shouldn’t be called a Rocketfish my appoligies to C.B. it’s just a Summer swallowtail that skates with old style rocker but with new styled fin setup. Thruster with Herbs two little fins in front of the two side thruster fins. Glassed w/2 6oz. lite and down railed…Built for speed…Mind you I’ll still ride my Brom Dyno 5.8" in surf that calls for it, or my Terry Martin David Nuuhiwa Dyno 5.10" or my 6.1 Quad fish{ Spitzer} or my 6.5 Fish {spitzer} But been needing a board for 8-10’ surf. Although pushed a fish as far a AnyBody! I wouldn’t want a say 6.8 twin fin…I wanted a more positive feel in the tail and my Bro had he put on the superchargers. I want to go stright up the face on turns instead of going up on an angle. Iam sure if you see a photo you will agree that this is not a C.B. Rocketfish…So…Let’s call it “catch me if you can” Surfboard…Cuz that’s what I want and That’s what he made for me…So like I surf faster than most in small waves 2-5 faces this should do the same for me in say 6-12 faces…That’s what Iam talking about…And no noboby could have made this for mr but my brother…no matter what you all say, he is the master of innovation designs drawing from old and new and copying no-one although he can make anything , you can’t copy a 1957 stratocaster but it will look the same but won’t play or sound the same…Go forward the longboard era is about to end…

the dude that posted this- Re: I’m can’t quit laughing… Buggie – Thursday, 15 May 2003, at 5:21 p.m. Frist herbie is really a cool guy.He picks me up from my house in lakewood some 30 miles away so I can use his shaping room.He never has let anyone else use it but me.My parents are divorced so Mom works alot I think herb saw that being he came from a broken home to.He told that same B.S. story about building boards-true surfer thing to a group of my friends and me a few months ago.1/2 got up and left pissed off the other 1/2 wanted to be the TRUE SURFER.After all was said anddone he looked at me and asked ,do you have what it takes?what was the spirit of my message Buggie?Knowin herb it wasn’t about surfboards at all and like a flash I saw what it was he saw.I replyed it’s about learning???Til this day herb goes out of hisway to help me build boards.I don’t even own a computer.I using herb’s right now.he’s in the shop cleaning-up another one of my master pieces #4 to be exact.He asked me to clean-up and check the site out,and that I would get a good laugh and I did.the bugman out.

I will be posting my new fish designs here and on my web site in th next couple of weeks one a 5’10"has curved channels and is based upon the Lis/Frye style and the other is a 7 footer with double wings and a new bottom design I have been working on, both will be twinzers. Intrested in hearing your future comments. This is not a promo just thought I would say something since this thread was about fishes. Also to the person that asked about iradescents my airbrusher is experimenting with them now the 5’10" will be done with these paints. Stay Soul, Rick

I shaped many fish models for Nuuhiwa. I rode one of Spitzer’s board and it worked very well…jim

…Thanks Jim for the props,getting any waves lately?

Hi Jim! Where ya been mail me The official Jimi Hendrix website would like to use a photo from the Hendrix Tribute concert but i need the Neg. Thanks for the say on my surfboard…I figure I’ll be able to surf for about a year or two more until…If I don’t see ya in this world I’ll meet ya in the next one and don’t be late…Buddy called me about Noel Reddings Death…He’s in Spain now…Billy Cox Bummin too…I guess I’ll play my guitar longer than I’ll surf…I started playing 5 years before I started surfing…what 8 years old…And to everyone else CCCYAAAA Iam going to go visit Tom Goffe for a bit tonite via stratocaster…