surf in melbourne ?!!

0,596826…jpg (47.7 KB) "The only chance you get to surf in Port Phillip -Melbourne "


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Hi Chippy,

I can’t get a look at those pictures…I’d be grateful if you found another way to show them.

The reason for the interest is my background:- from Melbourne.

The fetch inside Port Philip Bay was enough to get a windswell up after a couple of days of solid onshore. It was enough to keep a hardcore crew of grommets keen between holidays down on the “Real” coast. There was a certain angle the pines alongside the school football ground would lean at that would get me antsy during Maths class…I even had secret spots…

Trust me, I know where my slop specialist designs originated from…the first shaper i spent any time hanging around was Rod Stock of Sea Level, and consequently shaped for that shop at age 17. Of course I fled to Torquay ASAP, but while mine is’nt the most glamorous of surf origins, its one that I share with many others.

Put your hand up any proud South Roaders!