Surf Spot Boat Grounding

Nearly right in the take off zone of one of the worlds great Lefts.


There is an update on about the boat that went aground at Padang Padang. I guess I’m always check baliwaves wishing my life was as simple as it was back when I was able to travel there. I only surfed the spot a handful of times because I spent more time during my trips there on Sumbawa and Lombok.

It looked to me from this first picture I posted that the boat was nearly in the take off spot. that is why I posted this and thought some here might have been lucky enough to surf this spot and know that that would be tragic. So I did a search online and found the Surfing Mag article and that picture confirmed it was super close to the take off spot.

I can only hope that this does not get worse. They are going to need quite a crew and a good tug to get it pulled off the reef. And in doing so it could become a worse situation. Hopefully they can without too much problem.

There are a ton of clips on youtube and elsewhere about this spot if your not familiar with it. It is definitely on of Bali’s best waves when it is good.

Just found this article:

Hey Glenn, Apparently the hull has been breached and the boat is leaking diesel fuel.

It’s a long-liner. From the way it’s hit the reef it’s obvious it’s been driven onto the reef.

Insurance job? or someone fell asleep on watch?.

they’ll have a chance at pulling it off this full moon but how much diesel and oil will it leak in the process.

What a cock-up.

The ultimate Goat-Boat drop-in!

The ultimate Goat-Boat drop-in!

I hate goat boats in the lineup!

Found another Article with video: