Surfblanks America

Press Release

Surfblanks America has expanded its distribution network and opened a new warehouse facility in Oceanside Cal., Stocking 700 to 1,000 units of blanks for your immediate needs. This is in addition to new distributors in Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, East Coast USA, British Columbia, and Mexico. Custom orders from our factory are delivered in 10 working days. You can order any glue colors, laminated stringers, bass, red cedar, colored bass wood ply, glue lines, offsets, you name it! Surfblanks America prides ourselves in building the absolute best polyurethane blanks in the world, strong, white and they glass light! Surfblanks America’s new contact information is listed below and a complete catalogue can be downloaded at:

We recently built two new hand shape plugs. With more to follow soon!

Surfblanks America

502 Airport Road, Suite F

Oceanside, Ca. 92058

Ph: (760) 721-5100

Fax: (760) 721-5101

Thanks for the continued support and if you have not tried our foam in recent months, give it a go and you’ll be surprised!

The Crew at Surfblanks

found, then lost, someone(s) trying to get a Newport Paipo Stub Vector

to get some measurements for kids to copy in summer shop project? I

have one (original); let me know what you need, measurement-wise. I’ve

been meaning to do the same thing and maybe dupe it in wood, so this wilget the

ball rolling. Still riding it; either it lost floatation or I gained poundage… I’m the

original owner.

for surf blanks america i was wondering where the distributing point in british columbia??