Surfboard Evaluation

On another thread I had an Idea as to how a real evaluation of a board could be done without a lot of subjective opinion.. 

here are some of my concepts of how this could work.

1: boards would be in different categories so that on one day it would be Fish then Thrusters, then Quads and so on.  

2;Manufacturers would be given the size weight and surfers abilities. the Board makers would then supply the board most suitable for that group of surfer.

3; All boards would be mask so as not to show any Logos or other identifiable markings on the board. 

4; Surfers would not see the board until they were ready to paddle out.

5; A 10 point scoring system on several aspects of board performance. ( padding 1-10, Speed 1-10, backside turn 1-10, front side turn1-10

6; Condition of the surf should be noted in the evaluation.  Such as left fast hollow reef.  size 4 to 6 foot a little chop some good tubes.

7: the surfers would be a mix of Pro surfers and good non pro surfers. 

 8; Each surfer would ride a board on at least 5 waves. 

9; Each Surfer would then write up their Impression of the Board .

10: each Surfer would also state their over all impression of the board category.

 What would you ad to a board evaluation to make it fair and realistic? 

 this would be a contest of the boards abilities and not the surfers in other words the Surfers would be having fun and just feeling out different boards without fear they will piss off their sponsor


I think the biggest problem if you can call it that with surfing is variation. Its so hard to compare my judgment of a board compared to yours because of surfing style, skill level, wave differences.  Its an awesome idea in my opinions,



Here is a very quick review of just 2 boards by one tester (me!), more reviewers testing the same two boards in a variety of conditions on the same days would make it more objective.

 I just formulated this based on our conversion on this thread



6' 6" Merrick Flyer II Vs 6' 1" McCoy Nugget - see Paddling and Wave catching rating below for why I think these two size differences make a good comparison.


Flyer II - 4, Nugget - 5

Wave catching

Flyer II - 4, Nugget - 5

Duck diving

Flyer II - 4, Nugget - 2

Stability in choppy waves up to chest high

Flyer II - 4, Nugget 4

Stability in larger waves head high to 1.5 x head high

Flyer II - 4, Nugget 3

Fin Holding (ability to resist spinning out) during mid wave turns

Flyer II -4, Nugget 2.

Ability to pump top to bottom in small well formed waves:

Flyer II -4, Nugget 5

Ability to pump speed/rail to rail speed out of mush

Flyer II -5, Nugget 2.

Overall Speed.

Flyer II - 5, Nugget 3.

Hacks and cutties in small well formed waves.

Flyer II - 4, Nugget 4.

hacks and cutties in junk

Flyer II - 5, Nugget 3.