Surfboard Makers In Texas?

Hello, My name is Mike I am new to the forum. I was just curious if there are any surfboard manufacturers in Texas, preferably the DFW or Austin areas but any location is fine. I am in search of some scrap foam for a small scale project. Please reply with any information, thanks.

Maybe in Corpus Christi?


If you don;t have any luck, PM and I’ll send you a box of scrap stuff. You pay for the postage and I’ll fill a box full of stuff you need.

Ok thanks for the suggestion, it may be easier just to get some from you though depending on where your located all I am needing is some scraps of the white high density foam as much as you could spare.

there is actually a central TX surfrider chapter in Austin. I know a guy named Nick who shapes wake surfboards for Lake Travis and Lake Austin…  look these guys up…



Besides that, youre gonna have to go to Houston/Galveston or Corpus… 

You can buy Foams similar to surfboard foam all over Dallas in 4x8 sheets just contact a foam supplier. They would have smaller sizes too. you will yield about the same end result as with surfboard foam. Only thing is it wont be as bright white.