Surfboards as an investment?

youd have to ask the guys at the beach house who it ACTUALLY was…but one of those girlie girl celebritys bought a pair of those abalone boards to learn to surf on with her boyfriend…i think it was reese witherspoon or someone like that…ooooooh hoho!

I hope my comments don’t come across as negative toward Yater surfboards. I have always enjoyed going to the Beach House in Santa Barbara to check out his the latest creations. His new oyster shell boards are really cool looking. These boards are quality. The craftsmanship and the artistic elements are top notch. The prices that these boards command are probably reasonable. The chance that they will go up in value is probably high.

Interesting topic…as a novice shaper I can appreciate the zenith of cratfsmanship that is manifested in Yaters, as well as others, boards. But I feel that “art” is something that challenges current/conventional social ideas and dogmas…something that provokes a gamut of emotions and reactions. Hence, I cant help but wonder if the likes of Meyerhoffer are the boards that will be the true collectibles in 50 years…

just before the first of the year, i found a dusty yater spoon in a maryland ‘surf’ shop, mainly a skate and clothes place. the board was from the 1990’s run rennie did----this place still had the original price tags on the board—low $700’s i grabed it and at home several ‘collector’ types told me ‘don’t wax it man , stash it for your kids,it will be worth a fortune in a few years’ well i waxed it, and on the first wave i knew it was worth a fortune NOW! it’s all about riding surfboards and waves , isn’t it?

Would a Skip Frye put my kid through college in 14 years?

Do not know about art

But I have started and stopped collecting the following:

Hot Wheels

Star Wars

Records (LPS - the vinyl ones)

CDs (whats an LP?)

Hot Wheels (2nd time)

I think if I would have took the money spent - put it in a bank - I would be better off.

BUT I would not have 40 boxes of crap taking up space and collecting dust.

because I collected what I liked - and it may not be popular with other people.

$10k worth of records that my friends would not pay me a dime for…

and no kids to give them to…

Someone else already said it more than once - its only valuable if someone else is willing to pay for it.

Anybody want to buy some records?



Chat with Mark Fragale ( or Greg Lui-kwan. Both have lots of background information regarding surfboards as an investment. Great people to chat with. If you got lots of time…chat with Greg Lui-kwan, I’ve spend many hours at Greg’s house here on Oahu. Google Greg, he’s an attorney on Oahu.

Good Luck…Collecting boards becomes addictive