surfboards interactive

is there a way to print full size templates from this website? if not what else can i use to do this that is not too expensive?

unfortunately i don’t have an answer for you… but i also wondered the same thing i had a problem with that program… i really couln’t do the things i wanted to do… and if it can’t print it’s really not good for much (even though it is free) i did get vey excited when i first used the program it seemed like i could really design my boards on the computer and see them … but either i can’t figure out the program or it’s just not a good tool for serious design… if you could get it to print in the normal size i’m sure there’s a free program that would blow it up for larger printing you’d just have to figure out how many times bigger to make it… jg

check out the site posted … peppe makes templates and sends them anywhere

They have a zoomer at kinkos that i used to do a few templates it came out ok, they also have a percentage wheel it will tell you the % to turn 12 inches in to 6’8" or whatnot es team manager

Well… I use a modified CAD for my templates. I can send files around the world. U can go to geometer’s office. U need different template but I think with 5or6 different spin template u can make lot of boards. Files contains: full and Spin templates, rocker and thikness. Printpaper Just spin or fulltemplate or rocker or thikness. Files are: .Dwg ; .3dstudio .3dm (rhino 3d model).dxf and soon .ai(illustrator)

i might try the whole Print Screen method and blow it up at kinkos unless i can find a cheap or free drawing program. will say photoshop or paint let you print out full size templates? or is adobe illustrator the only other program that will do that? i just cant pay 300 or whatever dollars for illustrator.