Surfboards materials Satisfaction Study

Within the framework of my Master Gliding Sports (University of Bordeaux – France), I will launch a study of satisfaction near the surfers (men and women) concerning their material and more precisely their surfboards. That will enable me to feed by concrete values my end year report whose topic is: “The evolution of the selection criterias from the surfers regarding their equipment of surfing »

For this investigation to be valid and representative, I have to get at least a hundred testimonies from persons targeted across :

– Surfers : Men and Women

–Locations: Major Surf countries (US - Australia - Europe - Brasil)

– Level of practice: moderate to good.

– People who are not sponsored, not competitors.

– Surfers casual, passionated and who buy their materials.

I allow myself to contact you as well as other surfers, clubs, organisations, in order to be able to touch surfers of different universe and countries.

The questionnaire is prepared to simplify the answers and not to make lose too much time to people: a total of 18 questions and it takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

It is divided into 3 major parts: the practice / surfboards / surfboards brands.

The questionnaire doen’t have any questions of a private nature and is entirely anonymous.

Your opinion interest me so send me you Email adress so I can send you the questionnaire.

Thank you in advance for your participation

Hey Pascal - you may get more response if you fill in your user profile… Act like you’ve come to play, and play nice. I think some people get a little leery of folk trying to “use” Sways in a “take advantage” of the spirit of the place kind of way.