Surfer Drowns @ SWAMIE'S

A surfers body was found, washed up on shore at Swamie’s, this morning.         Clad in a wetsuit, with a leash attached to half of a broken surfboard.       ''Authorities are trying to determine the cause of death."      Seems obvious, eh?

Wow, that’s tragic. I don’t know the spot, are there rock reefs, or other dangerous conditions?  Was the surf particularly big that day?

heard some talk on the beach of a girl dying at county line (L.A.) pearled on a double up, snapped her board, jagged edge cut her jugular and bled out rapidly. Don’t know anything other than hearsay on that one.

can be a dangerous sport at times, most of us get by with only minor scrapes but good to remind ourselves bad stuff can happen quickly out there.

Just read it was Kenny Mann from Moonlight Glassing.  RIP.

Just saw this-


RIP Kenny.


Kenny was a sanding machine.

If you ever got a board glassed at Moonlight Glassing, good chance Kenny sanded it.


Sadly, another surfer has died at Swamie’s.      This time, a woman.        In her case, most likely a heart attack, while in the lineup.