surferz xournal volume ? can it be clearer? death to smoochy

just returned from the library throne room.while there I read a little of the van Dyke artikle and rounded off the experience with a rifiling throhgh the paragraph that terry Martin coins the word scrubbing…

when this article spawned so much attention as a point of departure for the epox new mat forum this as well may be another point of departure to explore,


the unmeasurable

not accessible with a cad camistic limit.

this is not likely to have the 11 pages in 16 days on going soapbox appeal but it must be addressed by at least a few about the fire so mebe a kid will remember it in fifty years.


health to the people of the devastated gulf states…

Thnak you, Ambrose, for catalyzing my thoughts. I had this subconcious twinge while reading the “other” thread and couldn’t figure out what was bothering me until you posted this. I don’t build surfboards to build surfboards. I don’t build surfboards to make money. I don’t build surfboards so I can tell all my wave brothers I build surfboards. I build surfboards to ride waves. This forum is invaluable to that end. It also gives insight to the type of people who also ride waves, diverse and communed at the same time. We are proud that we can do what we do, a pride that shows in the way we share “the craft”.

Ride on, Tom

The Craft

Will be HANDED on…

CJ’s first board (eps at Cerritos College) - Stoked!!!

Put another log on that fire!

EPS delivery to Cobra.

Do they deliver to Florida…


Death to Smoochie…

Loved that movie

Like you said reminds me of that poly versus epoxy thread…

Same show different players and everyone gets changed end the end by the greedy green and only the true survive intact.

Do I hear the sound of a Swaylockian Katrina Benefit train coiming down the line???

The red cross lady next to me is waiting to collect for a drink of water…

You Inikians know what it’s like we need to Kokua Katrina …starts monday on oahu…


feel small

feel tired ,sad,frustrated

tired from the empathy and leaving c-span on all night to listen in sleep

sad from the empathy

frustrated that we cant just get out and help pick up stuff off the ground

the piles of debris are waiting to be made

3-400 year old wood is about to be burned

the old power olant in kapaa had 60 foot twelve by 24 beams

that were thrown into a fire pit that was kept burning fo a couple weeks straight

with disposed wood debris

the money that gets thrown at disasters is 75 percent administration money…

if just money could go directly to people

and not into gas tanks of red cross rental red mustang convertibles

and hotel bills for clipboards drinking iced cocktails

and watching satalite tv football games

while 8 year olds

go to sleep to the growl of generators

from the hotel

to wake up sticky

and no water for a shower

no leaves to make shade

no cold water in the icebox

coconuts getting bown ends

go to the armory for breakfast on plastic plates

served from the national guard mess trucks

if you arent too late

or maybe open the magic M R E

to see if you get the tiny tobasco bottle

No being an Inikian isnt simple

throwing money is sometimes just as sad as crying inside


the only good feeling would be to help pile up rubbish

and maybe save a three hundred year old piece of clear cypress.

with distint water stains for the stringer of a most beautiful

surfboard,that would make everyone who knew

a weeping sot when ever it caught a wave

how does a surfboard get soul?


we just spent the money

from the red cross on towels

we had towels

the world WAS different

every time I turn up a shingle in the yard I know where it came from

after the love pinch,we woke up to a different world

the new NEW ORLEANS BLUES will make some people

cry harder than others. but we all can cry


my father served on the heavy cruiser