Surfing and surf boards in non-surf movies

Ok, we all know surfboards and surfing have been in movies that weren’t “surf movies” now I was wondering if we could make a sort of list of the movies and, more interestingly, note any details about the boards and/or surfers in them…


Having just watched a 1977 australian thriller “The Long Weekend” where the protagonist of the movie has a nifty little session in some empty waves on a remote beach I figured, this might be cool for the swaylockian film buff. I’ll get some frame grabs when I figure out how… The board looks like a fairly typical late 70’s shortboard single fin  like the ones in MOTE.






Thankyou Atomized…a contribution by a true connoisseur of ancient and forgotten wierdness…mahalo

That was one baaaad movie. Most of the boards in the movie where from Zuma Jays. Darryl Dragon of Surf Punks fame is backing up Pee Wee on guitar in the clip.

And if you think that movie is weird,

this one definitely tops it…


Funny you posted these two videos Atomized. My buddy Chris Gardner got us a gig as stunt “surfers” in “Back to the Beach.” If you can ever stomach sitting through that movie, you’ll be rewarded with seeing a split second flash of my hand as I paddle Frankie’s shark board over Yuri Farrant’s camera. Easiest $75 I ever made.

Chris was Hook’s stunt surfing double in SNMD. We rented a video player (and the movie) to watch that when it first came out. This was before VCR’s were a regular entertainment center accessory. Sadly, we had to sit through the entire movie because the video player had no fast forward. You can see him take off on a wave, adjust his wig, and put the hook on. This at decent sized Sunset. I thought it was a pretty good trick. More trivia: that was Mark Foo surfing for the ninja dude, and Jeff Johnston getting barreled at Sunset as “Adolf.” All were wearing fullsuits in Hawaii, bet they got a little warm!