Surfing Hendrix style...

Do you think it would be possible to light the water on fire via gas or oil (despite the enviromental affects of doing so) and surf on a wave of fire? (I got the idea from the book Two Years Before the Mast, When the sailors back in the early days used to light tidepools on fire at night to catch lobster.) It might not be completly dangerous because you would be coverd with a wetsuite and wet…Right?



DUDE… either get a respirator or switch to epoxy!!!

those fumes are messing you up bigtime!!!

Its not so much the heat that’ll get ya. Eventually you will have to inhale. Imagine falling off your board, and popping up for a breath of air to find flames filling up your lungs. Dead man floating. The good news, glow sticks are usually cheaper after halloween. Gasoline is for internal combustion engines.

Rhino you must have aLOT of extra cash. Gas prices at $2.30 a gallon would be a little steep for this old man to do a stunt like that.

my second most favourite “Hunters and Collectors” song is “everything’s on fire”.

Maybe this woman could play it for you on her piano , if anyone films you riding a few flaming waves…