Surfing HORROR Story

I like mine a little shorter than neira’s so it doesn’t bug me when paddling. It lies flay so it won’t stab me in the heart. I wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t under my wet suit.

hiro, I’d say Karma hasn’t been returned in your case since it was your Dad’s ride that was ripped off and stripped. Yours is still coming. By the way, did you rip off my 61 Ford Falcon back in 1974 or my 81 Ford Bronco back in 1992, mofo? Mike


I forgot to add this in my first post… … Plus one time I said no I need a key so the lady start singing about the key to life. At the end she states that “the key to life is having a spare key”. I was pissed and annoyed at the time, but I guess she was right…

that’s f*****g hilarious !!!

surprised she didn’t start quoting scripture to you after that .

What a hoot !!

[although , I’m sure at the time you weren’t laughing …


The little velcro compartment that houses the key had totally ripped open, how 1 in 10 million is that.

i had my key in my trunks once, in a small velcro compartment that sealed up good. got knocked around pretty good on the inside shorepound (i have a rep for charging through the closeout barrels once the slop hits the shallows), and the wave managed to open up the velcro pocket and swallow my key. AAA took 2 hours to show up, but they got the door open for me, and i always keep a spare hidden inside. now i tie it to my trunks, and then tuck it in the pocket…no problems since.

I like mine a little shorter than neira's so it doesn't bug me when paddling. It lies flay so it won't stab me in the heart.

That’s why I don’t put the key on the chest side of my body, but put it so that it goes down my back instead!

If you have a modern car chances are the key contains electronics which is needed to start the car. Apparently the electronic circuits does not like seawater all that much as a friend of mine found out the hard way…



"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. "


He did use to be a shaper???

I think that would be a cool idea. maybe next personal board I make, Ill glass in a key box. hopefully I can find one that locks.

didn’t a board company , at one time, offer a key compartment built into their boards?? if not, it does sound like a good idea (if done right)

I spent hours looking for the perfect quote and ran across it in a psychology textbook. pretty cool quote, huh?


If you have a modern car chances are the key contains electronics which is needed to start the car. Apparently the electronic circuits does not like seawater all that much as a friend of mine found out the hard way…



electronic chip needed to start the engine…not to unlock the doors. i have copies made to take in the water, that’ll get me back inside the car when i’m done. i stash the real key inside.

That’s for sure. Drover’s a sweetheart of a pup.

My kiteboarding harness has a little key compartment in the back, but it also has a little loop. So I put my key ring on the loop then put the key in the compartment.

or check this out…

Without sounding too horribly calous about your plight. I lost a car key on September 23 1983 at 5:30 pm.during a surf at Bird Rock in L.J. It will never happen again. I was 18 years old and carless about all sorts of stuff. I bet you won’t be key careless again either.

1a) Any new pair for surf trunks worth a dam now have a little loop string in the pocket made for a key, then you close the velcro over the pocket, very bullet proof system, use it when your wetsuit free.

1b) Any new wet suits worth a dam also have good places to put keys up by the neck…really hard to loose a key inside a wet suit. Sometimes you loose them putting the suit on, or they move around during a surf, but never lost in the deep blue.

1c) Every surf car should have a hide-a-key back up in case 1a or 1b fails

Sorry about your pain

No resinhead your right, I won’t be as careless next time. I’m going today to get 2 spares and I’m going to set it up so this doesn’t happen again.

Oh and Chip, yes the lady was very funny now that I look back at the situation, but when I’m bored, stressed, irritated it wasn’t so funny. I was so mad all I wanted to do was be bummed, but she did kind of cheer me up.

Hey guys,

I bought one of these online and have been using it…works great.

Haha. I’m not alone, and my self esteem has gone up again. This summer me and my buddy drove down from Canada to Oregon to try to surf Seaside. We left at 7 pm and got in around 2 am. The we got woken up at 4 am by a cop at my window who was telling us it’s illegal to sleep in a vehicle in a parking lot by the beach. We were all sleepy and confused, and were like “what?” And so he asks us how long we’ve been down there, and we’re like “2 hours.” and then he’s like “what are you doing here?” and we’re like “we drove down from canada to go surfing. the boards are in the back of the truck.” and so he says to us(and i quote his words exactly) “You guys must be hardcore” then he tells us that he’ll let us sleep there overnight but we’ll get a $700 dollar ticket if he catches us the next night.

Then we woke up at like 6 am, and it was pretty sucky waves. So we drove off down to Cannon Beach. to check it out. Groms and ‘instructors’ crowding the sucky waves there too. So we stop at the ‘Cleanlines Surf Shop’ There I proceeded to lock my door key into my truck.(I had my ignition key in my pocket, and forgot about the other.) Be we got into the truck pretty easily by opening the window witha pair of scissors. Ah High school learning. So it was alright, but it was the worst place to lock em in at 6 hours from home. oh well. The rest of the waves that weekend were nonexistant or sucky, so we drove home. saw a field of teepees and tents and stopped in for the heck of it. it was a mountain man rendezvous or something. these guys dressed in skins were all excited that there were surfers there and tok us around and taught us to throw tomahawks and knives and got us to shoot their blackpowder rifles. it totally redeemed an otherwise rather sucky trip.

Howzit w11j7b, A lot of surf shorts come with an elastic loop in the pocket which will hold your keys and there used to be a brand of trunks that had an extra small pocket in the bottom of the wax pocket that was sealed with velcro. with those trunks you would have to have both velcros fail in order to lose your keys. On a more optimistic side, I never lock my car when surfing Hanalei since the boys are always watching for car thieves. One time I even left the door wide open and nobody went near it. Aloha,Kokua

while going to grad school in hawaii, i learned (the hard way) don’t even bother to lock the car ! leave a window open and take the key with you to surf—no one breaks into it and it stays cool inside in the sun, leave nothing in the car you can’t loose… and forget about it and have fun…freaked out my son and some guys from costa rica when they watched me do that at plya hermosa

Yeah…when I go surfing I usually leave the keys on the seat with all the windows and the top down. Honestly! I have a jeep wrangler and I know it’s very stupid, but for some reason I am very trusting of people. I should probably not do that anymore.