Surfmats - G-Mat Updates


I’ve not posted much since my last update here:

So here are pics of what I’ve been up to.

First off, G-Mat 11 (AKA “Casper”).


Next, G-Mat 12. This is a Contrail type mat. Lots of volume and square corners for smaller days (Now owned by Jamie McClellan)


G-Mat 13 (AKA “Lucky”) - This is my current mat and is brilliant (if I say so myself).


G-Mat 14 is a scaled down version of G-Mat 12 built for my son:


G-Mat 15 - Went a touch wrong…

G-Mat 16 (AKA “Sea Badger”) was made for Matt Cox. Another Contrail.


Finally, G-Mat 17 (AKA “Rad Rum”) has been made for Ian Wraith and is a super-light, super-slippy speed machine.





Now youre making them for other people, does that mean this is an advertisement?

and if so , how much?

 I’d pay $400 for a new mat.


Hey Clint. I’m extremely honoured that you would consider having one of my mats. They would cost between £250 and £275 (That’s $390-420) plus shipping. However, I’m not planning to sell them at the mo as I think PG has enough competition from the Far East. The mats I’ve made for others have been 40th birthday presents.

For some reason those photo’s don’t seem to be showing so I’ll re-post them as attachments, see if that works.



They’re in reverse order but they’re there. I’ve added bottom shots of G-Mats 16 and 17 to show the difference in bottom contours.



Hi Graeme -

Super nice work there.  I don't think many people appreciate what it takes to fabricate a quality surf mat.  There is certainly more to a high end mat than meets the eye!

I'm surprised more people don't have at least one. In a world of hard plastic surfboards, it is a completely different craft... almost like riding a BIG SOFT TITTY. 

(I threw that last part in just to see what Google does with this one. HAHA)

PG(Paul Gross)…has got em on sale till the end of the month



Those pictures have sold me on buying two of your mats when they’re available. One for me and one for the wife. They’ll be a great gift.  I can’t believe you made them with colours !! Mats have always been just damn fugly, non descript drab bags, but by simply using coloured nylon or whatever, they’re appealing, exciting, im excited !!   And  the gripstuff adds a contrasting design too. Just shows how easily you can change the marketability of something. Good work !

such a simple thing to do and now they’re interesting to look at. I dig the orange/black and the red/ white ones. Let me know when they’re available to buy please. Now I want to ride a mat.

I looked at the 2 other mat sites and they’re doing blue and greyish mats, yawn…


I looked at the 2 other mat sites and they're doing blue and greyish mats, yawn.....


Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
We are the goon squad
And we're coming to town

Don’t know if it was a decision based on fashion but if I walked into a surfshop and saw these mats I’d buy one straight away, two if the price was reasonable and maybe kit the whole family for Christmas for a bit of fun so we can all hit the surf and have a blast.

i wonder why the other mat makers haven’t tried colours, fashion driven or not, it seems like an excellent business idea doesn’t it??

I enjoyed your Freudian metaphor John. :smiley: Thanks for the comments all.

I individually dye mats (the coloured ones anyway). These are custom mats hence the ability to do this. It takes a lot of time to build one in a way that allows the light material to stay in one piece.

PG makes a lot of mats so buys long rolls of fabric, hence the colours. It’s generically appealing to go for darker colours. Building mats they way I do wouldn’t be practical for the volume that Paul creates.

4GF are great mats. I sell them in Europe for PG. You can get lighter versions called “Blue Streaks” via my website with Vulkem grip applied.

The other brand are mass produced in the Far East. Not really something I’m into.


He’s something of an expert now too mate.


Wasn’t he a real innovator back in the day? I remember something about him making a wwaterproof housing for a film camera for a surfboard. But that was back in the 1970s I think.

This guy seems to know a lot about mats.... ;-)

That is a lot of questions!  :D  First port of call is to send you to my website. No end of answers there:   Cheers  G

Grayman Thats a pretty good explanation, so many questions…

do you get a bigger mat if you’re a heavy set guy like me, or just put more air in?

 What dimensions do you,recommend for different weights?

how do the physical dimensions of the mat make a difference If the mat has barely any air in it? Wouldn’t it be like squeezing a Jellyfish and hoping its going to do the right thing?

whats the deal with mat rider lying so flat to the water ?  is it for speed  or flattening the mat?


  • Dunno why I numbered that!   G
  1. The latter. You also have to remember that mats change shape on the move.  Surfboards come in all shapes and sizes because the are hard lumps and you are constantly fighting resistance. Mats allow you to cycle through a quiver on one wave.  Straight lines are faster than curves, hence mats are made straight. They can go curved when needed.  Also,  looking at mats when you don't ride them they look the same in the same way as a non stand up will look at 2 boards and just see 2 boards. My plan white mat, the black and white one and the red one,  for example,  are as different as a thruster,  a twinny and a single fin. Count the pontoons. :-)
  2. G



Not trying to be rude but all mats look a bit similar in shape, why is that ? or are those little differences changing the performance in big ways?

It is big. :)  The grip is stippled Vulkem.   G