Well said Lee. Curious how the stubbie’s working out.

I saw an unreal inflatable camp type mattress at an outfitter shop and was wondering how it would work as a surfmat.(Hey I’m serious so no funny stuff).R.B.

cleanlines, I think you should give the camping mattress a try! Do you remember the apporximate dimensions? I recently found an old canvas/rubber mattress, nearly 6’ long. I’ve taken it out for a few sessions and found that it’s a very different ride from my Neumatic surfmat. Let us know how it works out for you.

hey kevin just be thankfull you dont live in australia. id love a mat but it will cost $600.

what are you looking for? a pic in surfer magazine? a magazine for mat riders? forget it. if you believe the the mags (pics, words etc) who obviously are advertiser influenced and don’t believe the people on this site who have nothing to gain and obviously love to share their experiences then i suggest you get this years hot boogieboard or surfboard and surf on only those sunny days when you will be seen…don’t bother getting a mat. sorry dale.

definitely take that camping mat out! sounds like fun. i even bought a surfoplane to see how they would work (i’ll let you know) – i actually tried a “competition surf mat” (haha) before getting all of my neumatics – that mat was the reason on got my first neumatic! it was fun, especially for a beginner. it also only lasted two sessions! the neumatics are far superior and i have had zero problems with any of them. looking forward to hearing how it works.

Haven’t got it back from the glass shop yet. It’s only been a week now and I’m diein’ to get it in the water.

You’re having your surf mat glassed? Why not just try a real surfboard?

Are you trying to say “better” in some way? Or do you just mean “different” from a sponge or surfboard? Ive already got a sponge and several boards. Seriously what kind of turns and speed can a person ever hope to get out of something like a surf mat????? I love Swaylocks. Because of that I wouldnt even consider such a weird idea as surf mats if I hadn`t heard about them here.

Heh heh…took a few days off to fish the semi-High Sierra before rejoining the real rat race. There is just too much pressure at sea level these days, and much less at high altitude - I need a few doses of that every year to stay sane. And look what I almost missed! Why are there millions more bodyboarders and standup surfers than mat riders now? Hey, 10,000 flys can’t be wrong… Ahem. Couldn’t resist. Perhaps that comment warrants an apology, but I think I’ll offer an honest explanation instead. The real reason there are so few mats around at this point is that modern mats are the Next Step. Next Step for the masses? No way, although the lineups would probably be much happier. It seems to me most mat riders are currently very experienced surfers who both seek something as new and as exciting as surfboards once were and also seek a combination of a surfcraft which can ride waves they wouldn’t normally attempt and which is no hassle to travel with. Being a very experienced surfer in 2003 also means many have either experience or memory of surf mats from the pre-bodyboard days. Those mass-produced things from that era are piles of garbage compared to modern mats. I have one I was given by a friend, and I swear it weighs as much as my 7’10’ surfboard. This segment of surfers has simply been around long enough to know the difference in equipment eras. Once upon a time the Morey Boogie was revolutionary. Laying down on one in the water was electrifying and new. Before that you could body surf, ride a wood board, ride a foam board, or rash out on a canvas mat. Bodyboards came out, soft and flexible - and they still are after 30 years. There are many surfboard designs, but in some ways surfboards are surfboards.There are only so many new experiences you can have in life, and a surf mat is one of them. The enthusiasm comes out of this - a new eye opening.

Lee V. was talking about glassing his new surfboard project. When it comes to mats, youre a fucking idiot. Go post your dumbass comments in Youll be welcome there.

Tricks are for kids-- The most experienced mat surfers Im personally aware of, consider their choice of equipment to generally be the fastest, most maneuverable, "feel good" and adaptable surfcraft in the world... and thats over a wide range of waves and conditions, from very small to larger than most of us would ever want to face. These opinions arise from individuals who know how to have serious fun while surfing… skilled and seasoned in a number of ocean/wave disciplines, including kneeboarding and bodysurfing. Modern surfmats are not a “weird idea”, they`re a “great idea”.

When I was younger,much younger my mind was made up and no one could change it.Then somewhere around this life’s journey I read these words: “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open”

Never did I think my original post would explode into this chaos. But I like it. And to those who think not “lookin good” doesn’t matter. Well then your wrong. Cause all that matters is lookin good. And if it means not using a surf mat, well then Im surfing. Now I know there will be the masses in this forum that will continue to preach to me about “thinking for yourself” “Don’t follow, lead”, “don’t worry about what others think” …bla, bla bla… To be honest, I like standing up on a board. If I was really into boogie boarding(or any other laydown on a board sport) I would definatley concider a surfmat. Or when Im 50 and my knees give out, I’ll definately check it out. But for now …the chicks(oh and its all about the chicks too) dig dudes(even if he’s clueless) with surfboards. If im rolling with a surfmat. Im not getting the cute smile from the honey on the beach. So I come back to my point of “lookin good”. To say it doesn’t matter, your wrong. And as I see it. I look good.(relatively speaking) …by all means make fun of me. But your girl is winking at me. On an Honest note(cause I know Fred’s friend likes me being honest, damn im funny). If my buddy had one, or if I found one…etc. I would totally give the mat a try. Kevin.

That’s probably a daughter of ours winking at you, so watch your step! A couple of quick thoughts, Kevin: Most mat riders have spent years, if not decades, standing on surfboards or kneeriding, and most still do. We aren’t blundering clueless out of Downtown. The girls who wink at you now will dump you for a lawyer if you aren’t off the beach by the time you are 30 (a whole 'nother thread in that). Nobody cares what you look like after a certain age/stage. When you are ready to plunk down yet another $500 for yet another 6’2" thruster or 9’0" longboard and feel like you mostly are getting the same thing with a new spray job, consider instead a $300 surf mat, $50 fins, and $150 in surf trip spending money… For the time, if or when it comes to you and anybody else, when you want to try something different and outside the mainstream: It’s better to look stupid than to be stupid. No, I’m not calling you stupid - you have the grace and courage to at least ask questions, unlike the literally millions of others who comprise the Surfing Herd. If and when something new interests you, try it. Stupidity only comes in if someone doesn’t do something out of fear of rejection.

Damn Lawyers.(your so right though) I thank everyone for there thoughts and opinions.

Please ignore all future posts about surf mats. They do not fit in with the spirit of Swaylocks and are a source of chaos and profanity.

…oops!! Please ignore my last post. I was just combing the archives and I see now that mats are a totally valid form of surfcraft. Sorry, guys.

I dont understand how a bag of air could support anybody on a wave. Or ride one! I mean for an adult, for surfing fast? Please no more advice about 6 camping air mattresses. If I showed down at the beach with one of those my surfing rep would be TOAST!!!

Sometimes less is more.