surftech repairs

first off, i berrated the dude for buying a massproducedbychineseslaves surfboard. anyone know if surftechs are polyester or epoxy on the outer shell? the guy told me a few years ago that they used polyester gloss over the wood veneer. has this changed? i’ve got one to repair for a guy, and i’d like to use polyester if possible.

use bondo. or do hima favor and ‘accidentally’ hit it with a sledgehammer.

Oxy-acetyle works well but you can use a propane torch to do the repair as well. Just make certain that the resin is well over 600 degrees before pouring it in. Since this is a bit dangerous, keep a bucket of gasoline nearby to put it out in case it catches on fire (its happened to me a few times - oh well…) I’ve also heard you can cut out the entire damaged area (usually starts at the nose and goes all the way to the tail) and replace it with polyester foam and fiberglass.

First, excavate any crushed foam. Be very thorough. Make sure you leave a good sized cavity. Add a mixture of cabosil ( aka absorbent silica powder ) and the oily product of carefully mixing sulfuric acid, nitric acid and glycerine ( handle this stuff carefully - trust me on this one) . DO NOT pack in, just loosely pour until it’s full. Add a small non-electric blasting cap ( don’t crimp the cap around the fuse with your teeth - again, trust me on this one) , light the fuse and run like hell. works every time

it’s funny, i was actually naive enough to expect at least one legitimate response. (not that i didn’t enjoy the ones i got)

as long as the ding doesnt penetrate to the polystyrene foam ,polyester is fine…if the ding goes to the core you have to seal the core with something that wont melt it, 5 minute araldite ,or some epoxy res with q cells ,once youve sealed the foam ,then you can use poly all the way back to finish coat… regards BERT

well, if yer not gonna make it go boom, use epoxy. There’s pvc and styrene foams in the thing and while the pvc is ok with polyester resins the styrene foam most definitely isn’t. I’s still suggest dynamite, though. Far more entertainment value.

Surftachs suck balls!!!

while the comments WERE funny, the guy did ask a serious question about working with surfboard materials----maybe once in a while we could actually help people? O, and surftechs are build in the largest , most modern plastics composites factory in the world and the works are paid well and receive benifits that are on a par with any in the world…and NO i don’t own one or want one, just stating the facts

better get used to fixing epoxies coz its what consumers want …eventually polyester boards will be a relic of the past …if we dont want to change thats our choice …the buying public will just go else where…the propaganda machine thats been in place for the last 20 years is starting to fall apart… regards BERT

Once again as I mentioned in a previous post. Just the mention of Surftech gets everyones panties in a knot.