Surfwax with air bubbles

Hello guys! Are anyone here having some problems with air bubbles trapped inside surf waxes??

I’m pouring the slower I can, putting in the freezer after it solidifies (just to make it easier to remove from the metal container), and a day after this process, it starts to pop out some air bubbles on the surface of the wax…

I really don’t know how to solve it.

Can anyone give me a few tips??

Thanks in advance!


Never tried it with wax, but vacuum could help.

Not sure to do it before of after pouring the wax, as it probably hardens during vacuum, you might want to test that yourself.

After mixing real good I immediately put it in the freezer - haven’t had a bubble problem yet, and keeps the ingredients from separating

Thanks a lot Hans and Patrickfreen!

Patrickfreen, the wax you make is made out of beeswax also???

Did you wait until it solidifies a litlle, before putting it in the freezer, or it’s really immediately?


When wax is still hot, shake the pan or tap it on the work surface repeatedly. Obviously not so much as to splash. Sometimes I took a vibrating sander and held it on my wax cups to get the air to the top. Works for me.

Good suggestions above.  I believe when the wax is put in the freezer during your process the air is getting trapped inside.  Try the next batch and let it air cool, so the air has time to escape.  I think introducing the cooling process too soon is giving you problems. 

If anything keep the mix warm for a longer period of time to allow the air to escape and use more heat to free trapped air.  Heat the molds in the sun prior to pouring your wax.  Add heat to your mix after it is poured into the molds using a hair dryer.  Or allow the mix to cool in the sun while covered to keep dirt away.  The mix will turn to solid at room temperature in about an hour, what is the rush?

Thanks a lot! Good sugestions indeed!

This afternoon I pre heated the molds inside the oven, and then poured the wax into them while they were still hot, allowing the cooling process to be even slower. I guess it worked fine! So far, so good… But the air bubbles seam to appear after a day o two, so I should keep looking at it…

Thanks a lot for all the help! Hope it works this time…  


I put it in the freezer immediately - my goal is to prevent the ingredients from separating, never had a bubble problem - I don’t use beezwax - try different approaches to see what works for you.

Great my friend!! Thansk a lot!!!