Swallow Tail Fin Set Up

I had a great idea to make a 6’4" mini long board with a swallow tail set up. I requested a 2+1 w/ futures on the SB. Got the board but it seems a little sluggish. I’ll take some recommendations for fin placements.

I used the T&C egg for a visual on the template but changed the fin template for a thruster.

Flat V bottom, soft round rails, and hard edge in last 36 inches from tip of the tail, it’s about 20.5" wide.

I can run a single fin which would be nice but right now I’ve got a 6" cut-away and the smallest Futures i can find on the side.

Thanks in advance.

Hey dabonus,

F/U center box?

How much nose and tail rocker?

Post some photos and specks if you can.

I’ll give you some ideas.

Mahalo, Rich

The wife has our digital camera on her girls trip. But I set it up today as a thruster and burried a 4" center fin at the very back of the box. Didn’t hae a lot of surf to test it on I’m hoping that this storm will hold enough to try it tomorrow.