Swallow tail laminating question

I’ve researched the archives for information on laminating swallow tails as I’m about to do my first one and some people mentioned putting roving around the edges and tips of the swallows to help protect these areas. Sounds like a good idea to me, too. I didn’t see any specific info on whether the roving is placed on the edges before laminating the bottom and deck or after or during or what. Could any of you give me a tip on this? I was also thinking of putting a little roving right in the butt crack, too, just to help the glass lay across this tight area a little smoother. Would that be a good idea?



Hi Jimbrake.

I would add it afterwards, as its additional protection and that way it won’t interfere with the main glassing job. just make sure that the edges of the roving are feathered to hide the transition once hot coated.

there was also a trend awhile a go about casting solid tips out of resin for added protection.

Masking tape makes a good temporary mould. Shape it the way you want, as accurate as you want, and know the rovings are going exactly where you want it. Makes sanding easier too.