Swalock's goes Pro

I like the new layout. I hope the Google AdSense works out also. Maybe that will make up for us tightwads.

Yeah - the Google thing is a good thing for Sways.

But I prefer the older message/thread display style - more info per page, IMHO.


yeah i am not digging on it yet. when i opened it up i was like wow did i click on the wrong link or something. well variety is the spice of life i guess.

yeah. I think I’ll get used to it…my brain’s just trying to rework itself from the old sway’s.

Looks good though. Hopefully Mike gets compensated well. I wonder where swaylock’s ranks on google’s search list. let me try surfboards…


I don’t mind the adds but i much prefer the old layout.

atleast we can still reply the same.

i don’t mid though.

what was wrong with the old layout? I hate new things that make n osense, like when grocery store change aisles for no apparant reasons…

…wow not bad, if you type ‘surfboard design’ it’s number one and if ‘surfboard’ its on the first page.

thanks ,Mike, for enabling photos to be posted in the body of a private message now !

with all the bugs and weird things my computer had been doing recently , I was REALLY hesitant [still am !] clicking onto “attachments” …and a lot of them just plain wouldn’t open for me , anyway .

At least now I can see them …

…cheers !


Woe! I couldn’t find the Log In thingy…

"I’m all lost in the supermarket

I can no longer shop happily

I came in here for that special offer

A guaranteed personality

I wasn’t born so much as I fell out

Nobody seemed to notice me

We had a hedge back home in the suburbs

Over which I never could see

I heard the people who lived on the ceiling

Scream and fight most scarily

Hearing that noise was my first ever feeling

That’s how it’s been all around me


I’m all tuned in, I see all the programmes

I save coupons from packets of tea

I’ve got my giant hit discoteque album

I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free

The kids in the halls and the pipes in the walls

Make me noises for company

Long distance callers make long distance calls

And the silence makes me lonely


And it’s not hear

It disappeared

I’m all lost"

Mick Jones, The Clash


Woe! I couldn’t find the Log In thingy…

Obviously you did find the column on the left to post your reply.

Give it some time to get used to it buoys and gulls. Change takes a little time to get used to. Everything is still here. It’s all cosmetic. Support Swaylock’s. (!)

Thank you Mike Paler for Swaylocks.

I will learn to adapt and overcome (learned that from 4 fins)

Great web site… Had a blast at Big Sur.


Que’ pasa?

It’s a little awkward to me too, but this is our home. Right?

well i might just float between here and surfer and maybe just disappear …

the thing that made sways so cool was the fact you didnt have adds thrown in your face at every turn of the page …

i come here for design rap , thats what i hated about surfer , was the constant in your face commercialism …

what are the chances of a little hangout somewhere in sways where i wont get bombarded ???

where i can still talk design with like minded crew without having propaganda pushed on me …

maybe i will get used to it ??

but it was enough for me to not go to surfer …

so who knows ??

jury is still out …



the right column adds are fairly benign (no graphics) but i clicked on two that were useless…but if it helps mike pay the bills i could easily get used to it…i guess like everything else, swaylocks has to make a living too…as long as there’s no flashy advertizing i’ll keep coming back

speaking of advertizing or i should say lack thereof…if you want to get spoiled quick get XM radio…the absolute best thing to hit the airwaves…makes AM/FM unlistenable in comparison


maybe you can spruce up the main center column…maybe make it look like the former…just a thought…youve done a great service to the board building world and im forever in debt




Yesterday’s Swaylock’s was much better…

You should have been here yesterday!

OK, just kidding, I understand Mike needs it and it does not bother me much anyway.

But do you believe that: they must have some software connecting to your “profile” page, since they print some ads IN FRENCH, just for me… (As I doubt you get those, you out there.)

Hey, give me a break: if I’m on Swaylock’s, I’m supposed to understand some English. So maybe I can understand ads, too. If I read them, and that’s another story.

Cool I like it! It seems brighter. I can just switch off to the ads

not such a big deal getting used to the new lay out, first thing i noticest was the ads, bit off a shock but not really in ya face and easily ignored,

like coming round from the anesetic I think I’ll have a quick feel around to check every things is still in the right place,before I say its an improvment on old sways, but its not the first time there’s been a magor chance, so if the past is anything to go by I’m sure that it will all have a positive out come, Mike has always worked hard to see that sways goes in the right direction and I have faith in him that sways will repain true to its past spirit.

I don’t see any ads using firefox, hope I’m not missing anything.


Mike’s tryin to make a buck. Or at least break even. Pehaps if the collective resource pool known as us Swaylockians actually chipped in a few bucks every now and then, maybe we can go back to the old days.

Your viewpoints are some of the best at Sways and you owe it to yourself and to us us to have them heard.

As for me, this is now the third generation of Swaylocks, and up until now, each version was infinitely better. I don’t like the idea of selling ad space on Sways. Nothing about it is in sync with the soul of shaping. However, the man that is responsible for making this community happen is also the man that pays the bills. We, as the community he created, have flourished with knowledge that is stratoshpherically beyond any price that we can asign a dollar amount to.

Nothing this good can possibly be free. One man pays for our collectively gained knowledge without ever asking for a penny from us. Basically, it’s time to give back to Mike. Perhaps the best way to do that at this point in the life of Swaylocks is to keep an open mind toward the subtle changes on the site.

In short… thanks Mike.

I don’t think that gets said enough