Does swaylock have a physical location, as in retail ?


Anything in the San Diego area ?





Mike Majcan

No. Go the the Swag Shop tab from the home page.

What do you need we have one of everything you could want?!!



Did you have an uncle, or cousin, or older brother named Walter?    He lived in San Diego in the 50's and early 60's.     He is deceased, but would have been 83 years old now.    You are the only other person I've encountered with that last name.



Yes,  Walter is/was my Uncle.  This is truly amazing !!   I sent you a personal message, sometimes it takes a while for things to go thru Swaylock, so I am responding again here.

My personal e-mail is   Inspecla1@aol.com

My family, the Majcans and I would be very excited to hear from you.


Thanks,   Mike Majcan