Swaylocks Annual Event vs. The Sacred Craft Expo ?

Wanna hang with the biggies in Del Mar… do you ?.. I can’t blame anyone there…

Wanna hang with the smalltimers in Big Sur ? …Seems abit tilted ?

Too Bad it’s on the same weekend…or maybe the choices are clear and present…

What’s your thoughts ?

WWBD…What Would Ben Do?

I really think the Sacred Craft Expo is a great idea and if the Big Sur Meeting wasn’t on the same weekend, I’d go to Del Mar.

Here’s the deal for me…Is Rusty or Al or whoever going to lend me 3 or 4 boards to try out at 7th Street? Can I grab any board lying around at Plaskett and try it out?

I know Ben was looking forward to the Big Sur meeting and the last time we talked he hoped he could go…

I’ll be up north on that weekend and I hope some Swayfolk join me. But if others want to go to Del Mar instead, that’s cool too.

You CAN do that at the anything but 3 event june 3rd at cardiff reef.

Yep…I’ll be there for sure…bringing by my v-bottom and some other this and thats…

this one’s a no-brainer for me. I’ll be in Big Sur. See ya there…

Hey Scott Bass,

Can I take my Dog…lol…(more like a horse now) to the SC event ?

I know Koa will love Big Sur,without a doubt.

OOOPS …Kinda gave myself away.

Is it possible to attend both ?..Hummmm ?

Nothing personnal to you lok or anyone else…

But that’s going to be one heck of a ZOO !

Sounds like fun ! Herb

Yeah hard selection . . . I could hold an exempt card from both, as family obligations going to drag me on SE asia road trip in Sept. 3-4 weeks + . Don’t know exact dates on coming back since . . . a couple road stops (Maybe ‘pass by Indo’ or some So Pac islands . . .)

Or maybe see if its going short and be back in time for the second week of Oct. Maybe . . . possibilities. It is possible to do both . . . if you have a fast car or an ultra light or a company helicopter at your disposal . . .

I’ll keep a watch on both.

fish fry is like reese’ pieces . . . . chocolate and peanut butter . . . 07 fish fry = Sacred craft + anything but 3 . . .

What would Ben do? Pass the stoke.

Re: commercialism…

After reading an article about Clif Bar helping sponsor various events, I contacted them about the 2004 Big Sur campout. They immediately sent a free case of Clif Bars and a banner. They asked if we would consider displaying the banner. I put it up as a back wall of our shade structure. I was stoked with the idea of being able to hand out free goodies. FWIW, there wasn’t a single Clif Bar left at the end.

Did I sell us out? The reason I ask is they may be willing to send some Clif Bars this year but I don’t want to piss everybody off.

I’ve already been told “Whatever you do, DON’T do another raffle!” I’m not even sure if that person is going to be in attendance.

Ideas please?

For John Mellor,

Swaylocks 2005 I bought at least 20 dollars worth of raffle tickets. Swaylocks 2007 I plan on buying at least 20 dollars worth maybe more. The raffle was fun in 2005. A walker blank, 3 gallon RR kit, Lock box fins and boxes,Dog Town Book , Old school hand planners, too much to list. Raffle is a good thing!

Clif bars…Sure ,why not…

Have you tryed a BIG SUR BAR? I was up that was a few months ago and I met a surfer that was sponsered by BIG SUR BARS. All natural, very yummy…

Can’t get them in San Diego…Did I get the name right?

cliff bars are great! so is the raffle…

Sell out? No way. I feel a small banner is a fair trade-off for partial sponsorship. A huge banner is not. Everyone likes free goodies.

One versus the other? I’ll take a campfire over a mall any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I didn’t get any Ciff bars !!!

heya John,

the Cliff Bars are cool. Think we can get Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to sponser us!!! The raffle is cool too. I was bummed when the dates conflicted but I wouldn’t miss the Plaskett trip, I enjoy it way to much!!!

the raffle is fun. It get’s the group all in one spot socializing when over the weekend everyone is spread out doing this or that. I even have a donation for the raffle “I think” is very cool. Who knows, I even might be making decent enough fins by Oct. to donate a set of those too.