what or who is “swaylocks”?

From “Swaylopedia”:

**KeithMelville** (Monday, April 19, 2004, 15:30):
Mike Paler's nickname, from his childhood. See also, Swayholic. Oh, yeah, found this in the archives:

Re: What is Swaylocks?

y Friday, 1 November 2002, at 1:25 p.m.

One day while meandering through the brush, a wanderer happened upon a
pond of sweet, cool water. Word spread quickly. Many came to partake in
the aqueous splendor of the little pond. Fragile grasses were trampled
and shrubs pushed aside. Callous soles following the way of the
wanderer rutted the earth. The beauty of the surrounding environment
was forsaken as these new voyagers focused only on the dusty footsteps
left by those before them. The life of the pond was eventually sucked
dry, but the thirsty masses continued to visit the barren mud hole
because it was all that they had come to know. A humble sage, foraging
for herbs and berries, accidentally stumbled across the dirt path and
the long line of people waiting for their turn at the evaporated pond.
He paused for a moment and then continued off into the tall grasses.
The locals laughed and called the sage a lost fool as he disappeared
into the dense vegetation. The sage could only smile at the locals
laughter as it gently faded into the distance behind him. For he knew
that it is sometimes necessary to travel perpendicular to conventional
thought in order to find your own pond of sweet salvation.

Swaylock’s: Treasure Trove of Surfboard Design

by JD Jenkins

Swaylock's: Treasure Trove of Surfboard Design



The name “Swaylock’s” has confounded many. It’s not a surfing term. But now, of course, it has become one. Admittedly the moniker conjures up images of a swaying ocean or waves, or surfers dropping and fading into the pit, only to be “locked into” a barrel. Nothing could be further off the mark.

The "Sway" part of Swaylock's came from a childhood friend of Paler's, who was always making up new words and nicknames for everyone around him. Paler was dubbed "Pay", and one day, for no good reason, it evolved into "Sway". Late one Saturday afternoon the two were sitting around watching a basketball game and Mookie Blaylock was hitting the boards. Mike commented on what a cool name the ballplayer had. In a flash, his friend bolted upright, looked at him and cried out, "Swaylock!" Michael Paler was henceforth known as "Swaylock".

“It’s a funny name”, smiles Paler, “and the reason I applied it to the discussion forum was because I wanted to give it a name that had nothing to do with anything, something totally original.”

thanks for all that